Water Damage Virginia Beach

Water Damage Virginia Beach

Water Damage Virginia Beach can be extremely difficult to deal with. Unsure of when exactly you should call a professional? Obviously, if you come home to a foot of water in your living room, you should call Creative Living, The Water Damage Virginia Beach experts, immediately. But in other instances, where a strong foul odor exists but you can’t pinpoint the problem, there may be several culprits:

  • perhaps there is a sewage leak in your crawl space we need to fix.
  • If water seeps onto the tile every time you take a shower, the water could be causing structural damage to the entire bathroom.
  • there may be small leaks in some or all of your home’s plumbing

Professional water damage services use complicated machines such as dehumidifiers and sophisticated ventilation fans and systems that help keep allergies under control by removing mold and fungi. In certain instances, dehumidifiers and fans can even aid in the removal of asbestos and other environmental hazards. Check out some of these complex and interesting water damage restoration techniques.

Water Damage Virginia Beach

Here are some situations where a Virginia Beach Water Damage restoration service can come in handy:

  • A flood caused by internal or external factors
  • When grout and tile in the bathroom remains damp
  • If a dishwashing machine or other household appliance leaks
  • To clean up potential biohazards and dangerous substances
  • To help control allergies
  • To help mediate wind or fire damage

The Restoration Process

After you contact a service like Creative Living, LLC, we follow a general set of steps to handle the problem and fix it for good.

These steps include:

  • Initial inspection
  • Determination of the cause
  • Extraction of the water or sewage
  • Dehumidification of the affected area
  • Drying the area
  • Suggesting measures to prevent reoccurrence

Initial Inspection

When we receive your call for your Water Damage Virginia Beach , the first thing we do is get a handle on the situation by listening to your explanation of the water damage over the phone. Then, we promptly come to your home to do our own inspection of the problem. During each inspection, we thoroughly assess the area involved and attempt to deduce the root cause of the problem or water damage.

Water Extraction and Dehumidification

After we figure out the situation, the next step is to successfully remove all standing water or sewage material from the area. We extract the water with various machines and extraction equipment. Once the water is removed, we often install dehumidifiers and ventilation fans to aid with drying the area. We often close the area off by creating a drying chamber, which allows it to dry more quickly.

The Drying Process

We have developed a highly-technical method of drying out areas exposed to large amounts of water. Prior to beginning the drying process, we think about the materials the building is constructed from to determine the optimal drying method for your individual case. Throughout the drying out time period, we take measurements throughout to be cognizant of how well the area is responding.

In certain instances, we have to remove carpet, baseboards and wallpaper to properly dry the area of the . We use the dehumidifiers and ventilation fans to precisely manage and control the area temperature. We never want to overload an air conditioning system, especially if the air conditioning unit or HVAC played any role in the water damage. We never leave a site until we are thoroughly convinced we have handled the situation to the best of our ability, as any quality service company should.

After the Restoration is Complete

Because of our dedication to our customers, Creative Living would be more than happy to help with any needed repairs after the restoration is complete. This includes painting services, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, along with new carpet installation. Creative Living understands that situations involving water damage can be very stressful. We are committed to helping you see the problem through to the end!


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