Virginia Beach Painter

Virginia Beach Painter

Virginia Beach Painter – One of the easiest ways to make a noticeable improvement to your Virginia Beach home is to get a fresh coat or two of paint applied to the interior or exterior of your house. Paint can liven up a space and it is the sort of improvement that guests and potential home buyers will immediately notice. Minor touch ups are part and parcel of home maintenance but for a whole home paint job you might want to consider hiring a professional Virginia Beach painter. If you’re in the market for a painter, here’s what you need to know!

Communication is Key

  • Be upfront with your Virginia Beach painter(s) about exactly what you want. The more details they have, the easier it is for them to bring your plans to fruition.
  • You should take the time to go to a hardware or paint store and begin looking at color palettes if you want to change colors. Knowing which colors work well together is important; tans and blues are a particularly pleasing combo, for example. Having ideas like this in mind in advance and then explaining them clearly to the painter will make sure you’re both on the same page when it comes time to paint.
  • Also, be very specific about exactly which surfaces you want painted. This includes interior and exterior obviously, but also ceilings, molding and trim.
  • The types of finishes vary, and the difference between matte and high gloss finishes is very noticeable. Decide what you want in each area early. All these details can alter the cost of the project, so outlining them at the beginning is vital!
  • When you have your plan ready, it is time to choose the actual contractor. We hope you trust your home to Creative Living, a company with a fleet of expert painters at its disposal, each of whom has a hard work ethic and is friendly with customers.




Quality Virginia Beach Painting

A good Virginia Beach painter should come with references, so look for work they have done and see if friends, family, or coworkers have used their services before. Check out Creative Living’s Testimonials Page for reviews of our good work. When you receive estimates, there should likely only be relatively minor deviations in price range. If there are large discrepancies, you should ask questions and find out where costs might be getting cut. Also, ask if they are going to be hiring subcontractors, because this should be something you know upfront so you are aware of who will be working in your home.

Also, look for a high level of professionalism in your painter. They should be punctual and respond in a timely manner to communications via phone or email. Confidence in their work should be evident and it is not necessarily a bad thing if they are busy, as this is a sign of good work!

When you are preparing to paint, make sure you clean and dust, and deal with greasy or damaged surfaces, beforehand, as this can make it very tough for the paint to properly bind to the wall, which would end up costing more money to get it repainted. All in all, there are plenty of things to think about and plan for, but if you put in the comparatively small amount of time into it in advance; you will save tons of time and money when ultimately you pick a quality painting company like Creative Living. You can get other things done while an experienced Virginia Beach painter handles your painting needs.


Creative Living, a highly-esteemed painting business, offers residential and commercial painting at affordable prices. Our painters are highly skilled, arrive on time, and complete projects on schedule and with a friendly attitude.

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Residential Painting

Creative Living is helping homeowners change the appearance of their properties overnight. Out team of professional painters can help guide you to the right products and colors to take advantage of your properties’ existing aesthetics. And we keep house painting cost to a minimum.

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Commercial Painting

We offer commercial painting services from small to large scale projects. Our team of highly skilled painters have years of industry experience to transform your property. We have the flexibility to work around your schedule to ensure that your commercial painting project is completed on time with minimal interruption to your business.

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Paint Colors

The paint colors that are available today are almost mind numbing. Thousands and thousands of colors are available so how do you choose one ?

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Acrylic Paint

Was one of the first synthetic paints ever made. In the 1930’s acrylic paint was invented. It is a polymer paint that is water based a fairly easy to clean.

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Faux Painting

Is a style of decorative paining that is used in spaces when you want to give the illusion of something that looks like wood, marble, stucco or stone.

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Textured Paint

Is used in all kinds of situations, from custom homes to commercial painting to someone just trying to cover up a bad looking surface.

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