Virginia Beach Heating Air Conditioning Contractor

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Virginia Beach Heating Air Conditioning Contractor

At Creative Living, the experienced Virginia Beach Heating Contractor , the comfort and happiness of your family is always our number one priority. Good, clean air that is circulating throughout your home at the proper temperature is not a luxury; it’s a right that everyone should be able to enjoy at all times. There is no reason to have to suffer with cold drafts or oppressive heat when you can have the finest in HVAC systems installed in your home for a reasonable price by the expert HVAC technicians at Creative Living, the experienced Virginia Beach Heating Air conditioning Contractor.

With twenty years of experience as a Virginia Beach Heating Air Conditioning Contractor, the experts at Creative Living Heating and Cooling know exactly what we need to provide you to bring your home up or down to the proper temperature and make sure it stays there at all times. If you need a Virginia Beach AC repair company or need furnace repair in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth Va, give us a call. If you need a new system installed we are the company that can provide that service for you at a very competitive price.

Air cleaners, air purifiers, humidifiers, air conditioning, and the proper heating system are essential elements of a comfortable environment that your family will enjoy coming home to and staying in when you have those moments of leisure you work so hard for. You’ll sleep better and wake up refreshed and ready to take on anything when the climate in your home is just right. That’s what Creative Living’s Virginia Beach Heating Air Conditioning Contractor specializes in these appliances, making sure your family is comfortable and your home is the proper temperature all the time.

Virginia Beach Heating Air Conditioning Contractor

Clean air is a precious commodity. When the air in your home is clean and purified your health and that of your family members and pets will be better, leading to a more fulfilling life. When that air is the proper temperature, an element of comfort is introduced to enhance the pleasure of breathing fresh air. These may sound like low expectations, but without the right HVAC system you are not getting all that you can out of the air around you.

Creative Living has been servicing the HVAC needs of the residents providing comfort and clean air to thousands for over two decades. Virginia Beach Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor If you have a need, and there’s a good chance you do if you’re reading this page right now, we are the company you need to call to address it. You will literally breathe easier if you do.



Does your HVAC system operate as efficiently as it could? Are your HVAC heating and ac systems compliant with health, safety and environmental regulations?

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HVAC Replacement

As your HVAC systems begin to wear out, you will encounter refrigerant leaks and motor failures. Sometimes, the compressor in the outdoor unit will short out or the heat exchanger in a gas furnace.

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HVAC Emergency Service/Repairs

In extreme weather conditions such as a heat wave or a blizzard, not having air conditioning or heating, respectively, qualifies as an emergency, as dangerous levels of heat or cold could seriously .

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Air Conditioning Units

There are many different air conditioning units on the market. Residential and commercial. but there are a lot of things to consider before you buy one.

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Ac Compressor

The ac compressor or sometimes called a heat pump has a valve that allows the flow of refrigerant to change direction when the thermostat is switched  from Heat to Air Conditioning .

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Air Handlers

A fairly simple part of a air conditioning system it usually only has 2 main components. The fan and the coil. The fan is usually a 110 Volt low rpm fan that blows air over the coil.

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Heating Units

Electric Heating Units:

What are heating units and how does it work. Dependent on the kind of unit it is, not to be confused with a furnace which is usually a gas or a oil unit.

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Furnace Repair

Many different problems when you have a furnace in your house and usually at the worst time, during the winter months.

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Heat Pumps

Being one of the most important components on a heating and air conditioning system . What is the difference between heat pumps and a compressors.

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Heating Boiler

How does a heating boiler work. Whether it is a natural gas or oil a heating boiler relatively works the same way.

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