Virginia Beach Fences- Tips and Advice

Virginia Beach Fences- Tips and Advice

Creative Living, your Virginia Beach Fence Company – There are a variety of fence types and materials to choose from, as well as a few things to consider before choosing the right fence. The weather in your area could certainly play a role in what type of fence to build. People living in areas affected by strong winds, harsh winter conditions, tornadoes and even hurricanes will need a sturdy fence, one that will hold up to those extreme conditions. Creative Living fence companies Virginia beach.

The most common fencing materials are:

  • Wood Fences offer a natural sturdy barrier that can be painted, preserved or left to weather.Virginia Beach Fences- Tips and Advice . You can choose from a variety of designs like a zigzag pattern, traditional pickets or full board stockade. The most common wood for outdoor use is pressurized cedar because it durable, but you could also consider oak, teak, mahogany and pine woods.fence companies Virginia beach  Do your research and compare costs before making an expensive purchase.
  • Metal fencing like chain link or wrought iron is also becoming a popular Virginia Beach Fencing choice. Virginia Beach Fences- Tips and Advice  .Chain link fencing is less work to put together than wooden fencing and requires no future maintenance. Wrought iron, while expensive, adds charm and elegance to a traditional Victorian home.
  • Bamboo fencing is now more popular than ever. It’s a renewable resource and does not kill the plant it’s taken from. In this green age we’re living in, bamboo fencing is a good choice. It’s strong and sturdy, and needs little maintenance.

Virginia Beach Fencing Contractor

Those are the main choices in fencing contemporary gardens. All have a neat and tidy appearance and will look good in any neighborhood. We all know the old adage that good fences make good neighbors. But a great fence can make your neighbors downright green with envy. It will not only serve its function as a barrier around your property, but will also showcase or even enhance the look of your yard. To help you navigate all the options out there, Creative Living, the premier Virginia Beach Fencing Company, will walk you through all your options at your pace, explaining everything every step of they way, keeping in mind your home’s needs and your budget.


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 As a full-service fencing company, we offer a wide variety of options for outfitting the perimeter of your home or business. If you’re not sure what’s available, an experienced member of our team can help you pick out a fencing material that matches the style of your home and offers the level of privacy you desire.

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Vinyl Fences

A vinyl fencecan provide an attractive safety or privacy barrier around your home or business. PVC-vinyl fences have low maintenance characteristics and usually will last a life time.

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Wood Fences

We use Pressure-treated Yellow Pine in our custom wood privacy fences. At Creative Living, we pride ourselves in our extensive styles and options of wood fence.

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Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences provide exceptional security and protection in commercial, industrial, recreational, and residential fencing applications.

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Privacy Fence

Wood Privacy Fence : This is probably the widest used of all fence materials. Usually this is a pressure treated wood for exterior use. Wood fencing comes in a variety of different widths, lengths and different shapes of the picket fences.

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Picket Fence

A picket fence comes in a wide array of choices. Also made from different choices of materials. Weather it built for keeping a pet in a yard, or for security there are many reasons when you are using a picket fence.

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Split Rail Fence

Are commonly used to keep livestock , such as cattle, bacon, and sheep in a area of the farm that a rancher wants to have in the same area.

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Wrought Iron Fence

Used for many years for many different uses this kind of fencing is used for not only decorative purposes but for security reasons also.

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