Virginia Beach Carpet Style

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Virginia Beach Carpet Style

In almost all applications high quality nylon

will wear significantly longer than any other type of fiber. The latest versions of premium nylon fibers from Allied, Dupont, and Monsanto have excellent durability and abrasion resistance properties for any residential or commercial application. Further, the latest versions of stain resistance treatments such as “STAINMASTER” from DuPont and the competitive versions do a good job at resisting typical food and beverage stains. Kool Aid, spaghetti sauce and wine are just a few examples of spills that clean up beautifully. The polyester or olefin fibers available today wear reasonably well, though not as well as nylon. However, they have excellent stain resisting properties and withstand the sun better than nylons. Polyester carpets are a good choice for low to medium traffic areas such as bedrooms or family rooms where young children do a lot of eating and drinking. Virginia Beach Carpet Style made with polyester or Olefin Fibers  are less expensive than identical nylon carpets.

Carpet Construction

In general, the tighter a Virginia Beach Carpet Style is constructed the better its resistance to crushing and matting. Picture two pieces of carpet-one with one hundred strands of fiber standing straight up and another with two hundred and fifty fibers. Every time your foot walks on the second piece of carpet each fiber is carrying less of the total stress load and therefore wears much less. Did you ever notice the nice carpet in the better hotels? This carpet is designed for high use and while it is still comfortable it is manufactured with very short nylon fibers that are tightly packed together (called gage). The combination of short height and tight construction yield excellent wear-ability.

The next major factor in Virginia Beach Carpet Style construction is the number of twists per inch. Carpets with higher twists will out perform those with lower twists. Did you ever twist a piece of wire and notice how much stronger it become? The same results occur as you increase the twists with nylon fiber. Typically, five twists per inch or more will yield excellent results.

Virginia Beach Carpet Style

Carpet Style

The last major impact upon how carpet wears is determined by the style of construction. A looped style carpet, such as the commercial style of a “Berber” carpet, will outperform any other style of carpet at a similar price point. The loop or arch is a highly efficient weight bearing structure. Did you ever notice that bridges are built as an arch? Loop and Berber style carpets tend to be more modern or contemporary in style and are most typically used in high traffic family rooms, hallways, stairs and recreational rooms. Textured Saxonies, also known as “Twists”, are the next best wearing style of carpet. The extra twist count yields good wear-ability and also gives a two-tone appearance to the carpet, which helps to hide the vacuum marks. Twist carpets are viewed as semi formal in style and are appropriate for use throughout the home. Formal Saxonies are generally the softest, smoothest and the most elegant looking carpets. They do not wear quite as well as the twist or the loop styles; however, a good quality Formal Saxony will wear well if it is vacuumed frequently (Frequent vacuuming keeps sand from wearing away the fibers as you walk on the carpets). Formal Saxonies are suitable for every area of your applications. These beautiful looking carpets will show all your footprints and vacuum marks…and that is part of their beauty.

If you are looking for carpeting that offers long-term durability in high traffic areas consider this featured Creative Living Product: “Berber or Twist” styles made from a premium nylon fiber with short pile heights, tight density and high twist levels. If traffic is moderate, a “Twist” made from a quality nylon fiber in a short to medium pile height and density will perform well. If traffic is light to moderate and/or severe staining or sun fading is expected then look to a polyester carpet for your best results. When you shop for new carpet ask every question you can think of. Look for a product that will meet your use, color, style and budget criteria.


Carpet is a great choice for first-time homebuyers, retirees and families with kids and pets alike. If properly maintained, a beautiful carpet can grace your home’s family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways for many years to come. The benefits of having carpet in the home are myriad, including increased comfort, safety, noise reduction, and warmth.

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Plush Carpeting

– Calling plush carpet a “standard” is in some way a fair description but in many ways does not do it justice. Shearing the top of the fiber during manufacturing creates an even, smooth carpet.

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Berber Carpeting

Berber Carpet features low-profile, loop pile construction that can have flecks of color throughout the fibers. The casual style of Berber Carpeting compliments almost any type of décor, from contemporary to country.

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Frieze Carpeting

Frieze Carpet is both a comfortable and fashionable choice for your home. It is often considered the most contemporary carpet material. It is quiet, insulates well from cold, and comes in a wide variety of colors.

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Loop Carpet

Uses: Loop also sometimes refereed to as loop berber carpet . This loop carpet is originated from northern America and is a knot based carpet and started as a hand woven textiles .

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Pattern Carpet

Pattern Carpet types :

There are many different pattern carpet choices for your home or office, whether it is a whole house, carpet tiles for a business or a area rug.

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Texture Carpet

Types : Loops ,Patterns ,Twists Styles, Plush, Frieze, Berber there all different types of texture carpet that is on the market today.

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Carpet Tiles

Commercial areas mostly implore carpet tiles and by nature do not need carpet padding .

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