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Tile Questions Virginia Beach

Tile Questions Virginia Beach – Our mission here at Creative Living is to be a complete one stop shop for high tile and stone installation. We are committed to customer satisfaction by providing quality tile installations using the highest quality materials with highly trained, friendly personnel. We offer custom designs, computerized bidding, and sales selection sheets for our builders and customers. We offer a complete selection of tiles from standard to exotic selections. We also have field supervisors assigned to every job to continue our award winning customer service.

We work to design a ceramic and stone program which best suits your individual needs.Tile Questions Virginia Beach. We do this for production homes, custom homes, or commercial builders of any size. We also work with design builders, home improvement companies, and individual home owners with new construction or renovations.

We believe that we are only as good as our employees.  Tile Questions Virginia Beach. That is why we work with our staff to maintain the highest level of customer service and training in the latest and installation techniques. As a result, our company has received numerous awards for outstanding quality and service throughout the years. From showroom selections to customer service, we work as a team to make certain that Our Tile installation offers the complete package.

Ceramic tile is a flooring product that fits in any home. Tile Contractors Virginia Beach .It was crafted over four thousand years ago, and it has a place as one of the most popular options for flooring in professional and personal spaces today. This historical material made in both glazed and unglazed styles, which have unique assets and flaws and can be apropos for different situations. Both sorts of tile are dependable and resistant to wear and tear. They’re also fireproof and won’t ignite or be singed, which makes them helpful for a kitchen where hot pots or pans may be displaced.

Tile Questions Virginia Beach

Neither kind of tile fosters bacteria or allergens, making them a lovely addition for households with kids that put everything in their mouths, or for those affected by chronic respiratory conditions. Unglazed ceramic tiles are fired one time, instead of two times like glazed tiles. They’re also never covered with a layer of liquid glaze, which is what characterizes the divergence between them and glazed tiles. Tile Contractors Virginia Beach.The lack of a waterproof surface that glaze sustains makes unglazed tiles more porous than glazed tile, but still more or less waterproof as a result of its solid form. It is made in any of the organic hues that clay does, and adds the room a pure, graceful atmosphere. Glazed ceramic tile is the most dashing possibility.

Tile Contractors Virginia Beach

A wide variety colors and patterns of glaze provide limitless capabilities for remodeling and look. Glazed ceramic tiles can be found in any of the hues of the rainbow, or they may be tailored to mimic the appearance and inherent elegance of more extravagant nature-made stone. They’re also water resistant, making them the fitting material for powder room floors or walls, or for patios edging outdoor ponds.
Creative Living LLC Is A Tile Company That Offers Free Estimates For Ceramic Tile, Or Stone Tile In Bathroom, Kitchens Or Any Project Needed !


A tile is a manufactured piece of material such as stone, metal, ceramic, or even glass. Tiles are typically used for flooring but can also be used for walls or roofs, and even tabletops.

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Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile is used in both residential and commercial settings. Ceramic has many similarities, as far as functionality, to VCT. This flooring type can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, schools, retails chains, and municipal

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VCT Tile

VCT tile (short for “Vinyl Composition Tile”) is a specific flooring type used for both residential and commercial buildings. Originally composed of asbestos, modern VCT is composed of PVC chips formed into solid squares by applying .

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Travertine Tile

Travertine tile is an artistic looking type of tile used frequently in Italy. It is basically a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs. This type of flooring typically has a concentric (fibrous) appearance due to the process in.

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Glass Tile

Glass tile is one of the more recent forms of tiles due to its obvious fragile nature. Originally used in only mosaics and for artistic projects, it wasn’t until the 3rd Century BC that artisans began to create glass tiles.

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Has gotten more and more popular over the years. Daltile can come in many different types of material. Like stone, metal, ceramic, or even glass.

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Mosaic Tile

Is not only used in high end luxury homes but it is also used in schools, commercial buildings , airports and your local city buildings. Mosaic tile has been in use for since 1500 Bc.

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Marazzi Tile

Is a Italian tile that is absolutely one of the most beautiful tile that is on the market today. it comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

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Saltillo Tile

Is a Mexican tile that has was developed from clay pot makers a 1000 years ago as a form of flooring. It was not only used for homes it was used for churches across the land.

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