Staining Your Fence Virginia Beach

Staining Your Fence Virginia Beach

 Staining Your Fence– Your deck or fence, whether new or old, will require some preparatory work before you begin the staining process. Checking the wood materials to make sure they have not been sealed should be your first step. If the wood has been sealed, you will not be able to get the new stain to penetrate the wood pores. Applying a few drops of water onto the wood will tell you whether the wood has been sealed. If the water absorbs into the wood, then stain will penetrate the surface as well. Creative Living Staining Your Fence Virginia Beach. Call Creative Living fence companies Virginia beach.

Creative Living, the premier Virginia Beach Fence Company, always recommends cleaning the deck or fence prior to staining. Old wood decks or fences can become soiled with mold or dirt, which will ultimately affect the color of the stain. Scrubbing the wood with a scrub brush and wood deck cleaner, which can also be used on wood fences in Virginia Beach, will revive the wood color and allow for staining. But remember to allow the wood to dry for at least two to four hours before you attempt to stain.

Fence companies Virginia beach

Fences Virginia Beach


  • Because wood stains come in a variety of applications, it is important that you understand the different types of stains for your deck or Virginia Beach fencing project. Basically there are three tints of stain: transparent, which allows the wood grain to show; semitransparent, which is a bit darker and will allow less grain to show; and solid, which will completely color the surface of the wood and prevent wood grain from being distinguishable. All three stain types are acceptable, but you should always remember to use exterior stain on your outdoor projects.


  • Applying the stain to your deck or fence is an important step to protecting the wood and making it look and stay beautiful. You can apply the stain with an electric sprayer purchased at any hardware store. It will require that you use an electrical cord for power, but it will also distribute the stain more evenly and quicker, covering the hard-to-reach areas as well. However, when applying your stain in this way, you should keep a cotton rag available so you can wipe away excess stain that runs. Fence companies Virginia beach

    You can also apply the stain using a brush and roller. The stain can be brushed in the hard-to-reach areas and rolled on the larger areas. One thing to remember when applying stain is that, whether with a sprayer or roller, you can apply the stain, wipe away the excess with a cotton rag, and reapply one hour later to make the stain color darker.


     As a full-service fencing company, we offer a wide variety of options for outfitting the perimeter of your home or business. If you’re not sure what’s available, an experienced member of our team can help you pick out a fencing material that matches the style of your home and offers the level of privacy you desire.

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    Vinyl Fences

    A vinyl fencecan provide an attractive safety or privacy barrier around your home or business. PVC-vinyl fences have low maintenance characteristics and usually will last a life time.

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    Wood Fences

    We use Pressure-treated Yellow Pine in our custom wood privacy fences. At Creative Living, we pride ourselves in our extensive styles and options of wood fence.

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    Chain Link Fences

    Chain link fences provide exceptional security and protection in commercial, industrial, recreational, and residential fencing applications.

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    Privacy Fence

    Wood Privacy Fence : This is probably the widest used of all fence materials. Usually this is a pressure treated wood for exterior use. Wood fencing comes in a variety of different widths, lengths and different shapes of the picket fences.

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    Picket Fence

    A picket fence comes in a wide array of choices. Also made from different choices of materials. Weather it built for keeping a pet in a yard, or for security there are many reasons when you are using a picket fence.

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    Split Rail Fence

    Are commonly used to keep livestock , such as cattle, bacon, and sheep in a area of the farm that a rancher wants to have in the same area.

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    Wrought Iron Fence

    Used for many years for many different uses this kind of fencing is used for not only decorative purposes but for security reasons also.

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