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Sheetrock Virginia Beach

Creative Living We’re moving onto drywall with a current project of ours and we’ve got 9 tips to share from our library here at the school of hard knocks. Drywall is typically the phase when the rubber meets the road. If items like HVAC, framing, & plumbing weren’t adequately thought through, the drywall phase is when a lack of planning or a miscalculation becomes evident. Sheetrock Virginia Beach is also one of the toughest trades to master; it takes a steady hand and a well-experienced eye. Here’s our top 10, hit that comments button and share any advice you might have. Call Creative Living Drywall Contractor Virginia Beach.

1. 5/8” drywall is always a better move than ½” for thickness- it’s stiffer and hides framing imperfections. Nothing makes up for a day or two of extra work with long levels flattening walls/ ceilings and checking for other framing problems that will become evident only at the end of the project when all the interior lighting is in place.Drywall Contractor Virginia Beach.

2. Reflective lighting (i.e. off water/pools) can create unforgiving washes of light that show every imperfection. Best to go full mud-coating and sand over complete surfaces that will get reflected light. Than to have these ugly marks rear their head.


Drywall Contractor Virginia Beach

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3. Think closely about alignment issues; door and window heads should line up inside (try a no-casing Sheetrock Virginia Beach wrap) as well as line up outside, which means the framing needs to offset so that the finish conditions align. Also, sometimes you need to offset adjacent framing so that when different types of finishes are added to surfaces, you still get alignment.

4. Triple-check wall/ceiling flatness during taping wherever cabinets meet drywall. Once cabinets are installed, an uneven wall or ceiling becomes much more glaringly obvious.

Sheetrock Virginia Beach

5. A great, fresh look to go for is kerfed in door liners. In our book, anything that can reduce the visual information presented in a wall assembly, is better. This detail requires that the interior doors be installed prior to Sheetrock, and we’ve learned, they need to be secured well so they don’t shift (or get shifted) during drywall hanging.

6. Since we use many aluminum windows, even thermally broken units tend to expand/ contract and even ‘sweat’ a bit. So, there are a number of strategies to separate drywall from window in lieu of caulking the gap which will inevitably crack (we would say, ‘fail’) not long after install. We’ve tried Sheetrock Virginia Beach with an L-metal at the window edge, and we moved to the “zip strip” (and integral drywall edge with built-in window protector that ‘zips’ out after paint), and liked poplar or MDF liners that kerf to the drywall. Sheetrock Virginia Beach These create an extra line at the wall/ liner junction, but they match the doors and tend to disappear visually.

7. Never overlook the flush base: we use a z-metal at the bottom of the Sheetrock Virginia Beach that can be installed with a laser level for accuracy. If this sounds labor intensive, a very flat sub-floor to measure from can be used, but a laser just provides a redundant check on the install. Once the Z is mudded in, we install the floor finish and then use fir or poplar as the base material. The base is site-prepped with a dato at the top inside edge, which prevents the base from binding the bottom of the Z-metal and damaging the Sheetrock Virginia Beach as well as a miter on the bottom edge that allows the base to be scribed to the floor. Sheetrock Virginia Beach The ends and corners need a bit of elastomeric to fill before paint, but otherwise, the base is ready for paint and a beautiful museum-like detail rounds out the drywall scope.

8. For areas that may need a little extra protection from damage or parts of a wall that may need to be extra flat or stable to support another material/ fixture, we use MDO (Medium Density Overlay) that can be taped directly to the adjacent Virginia Beach drywall. Once painted, the MDO and drywall look identical, and you’ve got the ‘stronger’ wall finish in the specific location where you need it.

9. Not a good idea to wear black clothes on site. Just don’t do it.


Drywall, also known as plasterboard or sheet rock , is made of a gypsum plaster pressed between two thick sheets of paper.It  is very common in the construction of interior walls and ceilings, and you more than likely have some in your home. For More Information On Drywall Click Here


Is built from a soft sulfate mineral , this is a mineral that goes back to Ancient Egypt and has been mined for thousand of tears.

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Or sometimes referred to as render, mixed with a binder once it has set is as hard and dense as concrete. Being that it is still in the masonry family it is used mainly for exterior applications.

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Known for its uses world wide sheetrock is a widely used wall covering that has been around for many many years.

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 Widely know as plaster of Paris has been used for many years across the world. it is used on everything for wall to ceiling covering in residential and commercial buildings.

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There are many different plaster textures you can use . Stucco is another name that is commonly used for textures.

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