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 Vinyl Window Replacement Virginia Beach

When searching for vinyl window replacement, you can never go wrong with vinyl windows. vinyl window replacement can be inexpensive, durable and remarkably energy efficient when designed properly to minimize thermal transfer. While early vinyl windows had issues with expanding and contracting in extreme temperature changes, modern vinyl windows are extremely more durable and dimensionally stable.


Vinyl Windows


Be sure when looking for vinyl window replacement that you look for windows that have heat-welded joints because they are structurally more sound and add more structural support to seals and the have a lot of long-lasting effects on the lifespan on the windows. Mechanically joined frames tend to have problems with heat exchange causing them to fail, or adding unnecessary stress to other components of the windows causing the window as a whole to go bad a lot faster.

Vinyl Window Replacement Virginia Beach

One of the greatest vinyl window replacement window types that you can purchase are 100% PVC based windows. Be sure to look for a vinyl window replacement window with a high PVC rating because there are many companies that attempt to sell a window as a PVC vinyl window replacement even though it barely has any actual PVC in it. The legal standard for a window to be considered a PVC window is for it to have at least 13% PVC in it, which does add to the structural integrity of the window, but does not necessarily add any of the real benefits of a PVC window.

Plastic VS. PVC

Recycle Symbols
Here are some fun facts about how plastics compare to PVC. Next time you are at home, grab any tupperware you own and look at the bottom of the container. You will see a recycle symbol with a number in the center of it. That number stands for how many times the plastic in that tupperware has been recycled. The higher the number, the less stable that plastic is. After 5 times of this plastic being recycled, it is deemed no longer fit to be used to house a consumable good and can no longer be used for anything in the kitchen. At this point, it is crushed down and used to make things such as siding on a house or the framing on a window. Now, think about this same tupperware. Let’s say you put spaghetti in this container and microwave it, you will notice that the tupperware will turn red and will never release that sauce dye again. This is because the plastic expands immediately and allows the dyes to soak into it, and as soon as it cools it immediately traps that dye inside of itself. This may help you to understand the drawbacks of plastic. PVC will never expand thus will never allow itself to dye or expand or change ever again. PVC is 100% maintenance free, and the cost difference really is not that extreme. If you can find yourself a PVC window, it is highly recommended that this is the direction that you should go.

More On Vinyl Windows

Window Parts

When existing vinyl windows have become worn, loose, or even broken, a vinyl window replacement Virginia Beach is needed. Depending on the existing frame and client preference, there can be a variety of options in replacement. Arguably the most important part in vinyl window replacement Virginia Beachis the window itself. Modern windows are much more efficient at keeping heating and cooling within the home, lowering energy bills. The rest of the vinyl window replacement Virginia Beach is dependent on the condition of the old window’s condition and properties. In order to understand the way these new windows work, the parts of the window and frame must be understood:

    1. The head refers to the upper boundary of the window and represents to top of the entire window.
    2. The jamb comes from the French term for leg, and supports the outer edge of the window (the left and right boundaries).
    3. The frame is the entire outer portion of the window and the construct in which the sashes or other parts move.
    4. Glazing is any process or material applied to panes of glass window 
    5. Panes are individual units of glass, divided by muntin bars.
    6. A sash is an entire assembly of panes and is the part that generally moves.
    7. The sill is the lower portion of the window, which usually protrudes out from the wall.
    8. Muntin bars separate individual panes (also known as grilles or windowpane dividers).

Over time, vinyl window replacement window frames, jambs, sashes and sills were made of different materials. Wood, fiberglass, aluminum, PVC and vinyl have been used on many homes. The change in material has been due to cost efficiency, weight, resistance and weather.  Creative Living specializes in vinyl windows. It wasn’t too long ago that vinyl windows were considered less-than-ideal choice for replacement windows. But advances in design plus improvements in the formulation of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) have made vinyl windows a high-quality product that competes favorably with wood. Vinyl windows have always had some advantages over aluminum and steel. Metal is a highly efficient heat conductor – a great property when it comes to pots and pans, but not so slick when you’re talking about window frames. As window glazing has improved, the difference in insulating value between the glass and the frame of a metal window became greater and greater.


You can tell how much heat a vinyl window replacement window allows through by its U-factor, which measures thermal conductivity. A lower U-factor means a better-insulating window. The more common term R-value refers to the resistance of the window to heat conduction, and it is the inverse of the U-factor (that is, R-value = 1/U-factor). Better windows have high R-values and low U-factors !




Finding energy-efficient Windows has become easier, as insulating features such as heat-reflecting low-E coatings and argon gas between panes have become more standard.

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