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Finding energy-efficient Windows has become easier, as insulating features such as heat-reflecting low-E coatings and argon gas between panes have become more standard. You’ll also find new options and extras, including fiberglass window frames. Use this buying guide to make your selection. “Stop throwing money out your old windows,” some commercials say.


New Windows


With heating costs on the rise, many homeowners may wonder whether it’s time to replace aging, drafty  with efficient, tight-fitting ones. In addition to reducing your energy bill, new windows can make your home more comfortable, quiet, and attractive. But don’t expect to recoup your investment right away.

Window Contractor Virginia Beach

If you now have old-fashioned single-glazed windows, replacements might save you from 10 percent to 25 percent a year Window Contractor Virginia Beach for heating and cooling. But a new window cost from $7,000 to $20,000 for an average house, and custom sizes can add another 15 percent. So it might take 20 years or more before you break even. That’s why you might want to wait until your old windows have deteriorated, when you’re remodeling, or when you want windows that are easier to wash and maintain. They have become more energy efficient since insulating features such as multiple glazing, Low-E coatings, and inert-gas insulation have proliferated in many manufacturers’ lines. We tested replacement windows for air and water leakage, durability, and convenience. Click here to read what we found .


Windows Efficiency Ratings

Manufacturers mark their replacement Windows with a U-factor, a measure of a window’s ability to conduct heat. The U-factor is the reverse of the R-value, which is a measure of insulating ability. The lower the U-factor or the higher the R-value, the better a Window Contractor Virginia Beach can keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. The R-value may be better known to the general public, but manufacturers avoid listing it because it might seem less impressive. The R-value of the very best windows is about 2 or 3, equivalent to that of an uninsulated wall. The solar heat gain coefficient is shown as a fraction and indicates how much of the sunlight that hits a window makes it inside as heat. For cold climates, look for the highest SHGC number you can find; in warm climates, 0.40 or less; temperate areas, 0.55 or less. Visible transmittance measures how much visible light a Window Contractor Virginia Beachlets in. The higher the VT, the better.

Our Window Contractor Virginia Beach Installers

Even the best windows won’t deliver the look, comfort, or savings you expect if they’re installed poorly. Many major window manufacturers, including Andersen, Marvin, and Pella, train and certify installers for their specific products. Using the same Window Contractor Virginia Beach for a new window purchase and installation can minimize the chances of problems arising later. Readers who used an installer recommended by the window manufacturer were more satisfied overall than those who used contractors employed or recommended by Home Depot or Lowe’s, according to our Home Improvements Survey. Also look for certification from the American Window Contractor Virginia Beach & Door Institute. Before work begins, read the installation instructions for the Windows you’ve chosen online, and check that the installer plans to follow those instructions, right down to details such as type, amount, and placement of flashing and insulation. Deviating from the manufacturer’s recommendations could void the warranty. If you plan to paint the windows, have the installer use acrylic-latex caulk, which can be painted, not silicone.

How Much Savings Can I Expect From New Windows?

Surprisingly, replacing your windows does have a huge impact on your monthly expenses. This is primarily due to  the increase in your homes ability to prevent hot and cold air from transferring between the inside and outside of your home. Windows are the #1 cause of the rapid change of temperature in your home, causing your heating and cooling bills to sky rocket. Replacing the windows in your home allow the temperature to stay more consistent, which can typically lower your heating and cooling bills by as much as 70% (depending on the grade of windows installed). Obviously, the more money you spend on the windows typically equates to the level of savings you receive.


What To Look For In A Replacement Window

Types Of Windows

There are dozens of windows that cover all shapes and sizes. So how do you know which is the right fit for you. Be knowledgeable. Is your window a single pane (1 glass), double pane (2 glasses) or even a triple pane (3 glasses). What are the seals made of (the piece holding the glasses apart and trap the gases in). Did you know that most window seals wind up lasting around 5 years before they begin to bend and lose their purpose. When a window seal is constantly contracting and expanding due to temperature changes, it will eventually give out and release all the gases that are trapped inside. You will know that a seal has failed by the random water droplets that will begin to form inside the window. The window will become impossible to clean, and it’s ability to function as a temperature regulator is compromised. Be sure that a window company explains to you the pros and cons of each window they sell and install because you may find that you are installing a new window that could wind up costing you more money each month in the long run.


Windows have all types of gases that are pressurized between the glass that can assist in regulating the temperature. You may find windows made of Argon, Krypton, or even Xenon.  It’s nice to see a window state that it has a gas in it, but exactly how much gas is in that glass matters so much more. The problem is that these gases dissipate. Here is a quick example. Let’s say you buy a window that starts off with 95 percent Argon gas in it (If a window had 100 percent gas in it, it would explode). So, so far that sounds like a really good window for the most part. Now lets say that every year that window loses 15 percent of that Argon gas from the moment it was created. Then let’s add the fact that this window will sit in a warehouse for 3 years before it even makes it into your home. Now you are purchasing a window with only 50 percent Argon gas in it. Therefore, roughly 3 years into owning that window, you basically are back to just having a normal glass window that no longer regulates any temperature.

More Things To Consider

I know we have gone into a lot of details with a window, but here are just a few more things to think about before purchasing your replacement windows.

Pressure – Think of a house as a chamber that has all of this air trapped inside of it. I’m sure you’ve noticed that sometimes you can open a door and another door in the house will slam shut. Though instinct may say this is a ghost lurking thru the hallways, science proves its a sudden shift in pressure. So your house works as a unit with every part playing it role. Needless to say, your windows play a huge role in that pressure process. Interesting fact is during many natural disasters, you usually see the roof blow off of a house, not because the roof wasn’t securely mounted, but because your windows fail and cause that shift in pressure to shoot straight up and rip the roof off from the inside.

Shade – The sun is one of the reasons why we are all still alive today. However, it can also be harmful if kept unchecked. Have you ever noticed a carpet or couch becoming discolored in areas near your windows. This is because most low cost windows do nothing at all to block sun rays from eating away at your belongings. This does not always have to be the case. You can purchase a window that not only controls temperature, but that also refracts the light, making it bright indoors, but dramatically reducing the level of harm that the suns rays can sometimes provide.



Reflective Windows

Installation Method


Window replacement is not only about the thickness of the glass, or the materials that it is made of. A huge portion of the project is based on the process in which the windows are installs. Let’s say you have a window that is 30 inches wide, and 60 inches tall. It would be impossible for the cutout of that window to be that EXACT size because then it couldn’t slide perfectly in with the frame and everything included. So you start with a cutout that may be 34″ by 64″, then you begin the process of “shimming” the window by sliding things into the surrounding frame. This is what holds the window in place. Now here is one of the biggest areas of concern, because these shims can be anything (You’d be surprised at how many times we find socks and balled up newspaper). This process is hard to monitor unless you are actively watching the process, because it is immediately covered up with caulk and trim and all that remains is a beautiful window, however if you were to view a window with thermal goggles, you will usually see an interesting “halo” around most windows where the poorly insulated trim was installed. Just because a window looks like a window, doesn’t mean it functions like a window.


Windows And Your Children

Because open windows can be a hazard to small children, the standard-setting organization  has developed a nationwide standard that would prevent a child from opening a window beyond four inches while allowing an adult to open it fully in case of a fire or other emergency click here for more information. At least one manufacturer offers child-safety latch options for double-hung and casement windows. Overriding the device requires carrying out a two-step process that would be challenging for a small child.



New Construction Windows

New construction windows are a key component in creating your new home’s look and feel. With an endless array of options, you have the ability to create almost any idea that you can come up with.

For more Information on New Construction Windows Please Click Here.

 Vinyl Windows Replacement

When searching for vinyl window replacement, you can never go wrong with vinyl windows. vinyl window replacement can be inexpensive, durable and remarkably energy efficient when designed properly to minimize thermal transfer.

For more information on Vinyl Windows Please Click Here.

Bay Window

Are a word referring to a architecture term, meaning a recess in a wall. Bay Window are not only a beautiful addition to any room but they also can have a purpose and daily functionality.

For more Information on a Bay Window Please Click Here.

Storm Windows

Serve not only as a protective measure for you home of office but they help with thermal properties to help keep the cool in during the summer and the heat in during the winter.

For more Information on Storm Windows Please Click Here.

Atrium Windows

Can come in several shapes they are not all just 180 degree round. Atrium windows can refer to the top part of a square window usually as a built in part of the window.

For more Information on Atrium Windows Please Click Here.


Yes the band, no I am just kidding doors have been around since people wanted to go in and out of places. Once again just kidding, from different materials, styles, shapes and thicknesses.

For more Information on Doors Please Click Here.




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