Water Damage Virginia Beach

Water Damage Virginia Beach

Water damage can threaten a home at any time leaving behind standing water, hidden moisture and various degrees of repairs needed.  Whether a homeowner has suffered a plumbing emergency or a roof leak, We know the importance of removing the water as quickly as possible. Our trained restoration technicians are educated in water extraction, water restoration technology, black water cleanup, structural drying; and we understand how to return your home or business back to pre-loss condition. Water damage repairs begin with proper Restoration and water remediation and dry out.  We custom fit its drying technique based on the Restoration to your property. We begin by monitoring the building for moisture using meters to determine the extent of water migration. All excess water  is then removed using either truck mounted or portable extraction equipment. Your floor, wall or ceiling coverings are discarded to expose the surface beneath the water damage Virginia Beach when the technician deems necessary. We have a complement of dehumidifiers and air movers which circulate warm, dry air throughout the building. We closely monitor this process and remove the equipment once the area is dry. After the dry out is complete, repairs can be made to the water damage Virginia Beach areas. As full service general contractors, we are able to restore your property back to its pre-loss condition. We  make it easy and convenient to choose new floor coverings, paint and anything else needed for the inside of your home or business Water damage Virginia Beach.

Water Damage  Virginia Beach Restoration Process



Water damage restoration is one of the toughest challenges to face when it comes to restoration services. If a water damage restoration job is not done properly, it can lead to mold or compromised structures requiring much more work in the future. So what is the proper water damage restoration process you may ask. It involves a lot of tearing down and building back up. Carpets must be removed, wet wood must be removed, and sometimes even the subfloor or dry wall or studs of a home have to be replaced. You may think that the water damage Virginia Beach restoration process only involves the visible, but when a piece of wood gets wet, the water is absorbed into the beam and, due to a process called “wicking,” forces the water thru the beam and can require over a foot of removal from this beam. When a company comes in to due a water damage restoration job, it is important that they use a water meter to determine if an area is completely dry or not. They may have to bring in multiple commercial grade fans in to assist in the drying process, and cut holes around the affected area to ensure that there is not any chance of water being trapped in the walls that can cause mold build-up.

Water Damage Restoration Fees

As much as we would like to say that there is a general ballpark number for water damage restoration fees, to be honest it is a gamble. Depending on flooring and level of damage, a water damage restoration job could be as simple as replacing a carpet or floorboard and wiping the remainder down. Or, unfortunately a water damage restoration job could be as extreme as gutting out an entire area, tearing down the walls, removing all carpets, removing support structures, drying everything thoroughly, and replacing an entire section of a house. Water damage restoration can cost anything from a few dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. The best thing you can do is be educated in the matter.

Flood Damage DIY

DIY Vs. Hiring a Professional

With all the advances in general household goods that can assist in most tasks, water damage Virginia Beach restoration is definitely a job that should be left to the pros. However, I know that you are probably reading this article to see if this is something that you can do on your own, so I will explain a few things that you can do to check if this can be an isolated issue. DO NOT cut corners in any of these steps. Replacing a small area of dry wall is a lot less expensive than hiring a mold expert to treat an area later, or than worrying about health issues. You will want to cut out areas of drywall around the area and test for dampness. Special tools can be picked up from local home improvement stores to test an area for wetness. Water damage restoration is more of a “complete water removal” process. Fans will be your best friend in this process as well. Open all windows and doors and allow air circulation to stop water from settling in any location for too long. The biggest problem with doing water damage restoration on your own is that in most cases you will have to mess with the actual structure of a house, and if you do not know how to properly deal with these issues, this can lead to further structural problems later down the line. Be sure that you are sure of what you are removing before you remove it. A simple wet beam can be the support structure for an entire area of the home. Proper bracing of all beams will assist in this process as well. Water damage Virginia Beach restoration is an art and a science more than it is a tedious chore. You must destroy before you can create. Allow area to dry for as long as possible. DO NOT ASSUME that an area will dry itself on its own. Water damage restoration is a process and you must wait until everything is completely dry before you can begin to replace and rebuild.

What To Do In Extreme Water damage restoration Jobs

In some situations, water restoration requires a lot more than just fans and air circulation. You may also need to bring in high powered vacuums or truck-mount machines in order to get the job done. A truck-mount machine is typically what most “carpet cleaner” companies use in order to spray extremely hot water into a home and vacuum it back out completely. In the scenario of water restoration, they remove the hoses that emit the water and strictly use the high powered vacuums to suck out all of the water or puddles that are created. This allows for a bulk of the water to be removed prior to fans attempting to dry an area. The thing to keep in mind with water restoration is the longer the water settles, the more of an issue you will have. If you cannot handle a water restoration job i

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