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Ceramic Tile Virginia Beach

Ceramic Tile  Virginia Beach , vinyl tile is used in both residential and commercial settings. kitchen tile  Ceramic tile has many similarities, as far as functionality, to VCT. This tile type can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, schools, retails chains, and municipal buildings.


Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile Virginia Beach  is a kiln fired flat tile that is formed into shape from clay or other silicon materials such as sand or quartz. The benefits of this type of tile are that it is harder than VCT which allows for less maintenance, and a longer life-span. The only con of ceramic tile Virginia Beach  that it is more brittle than VCT which means that it can typically fracture easier when dropped or hit in certain locations. One thing that these types of tiles have in common are that they are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and finishes.

Ceramic Tile Virginia Beach


While  they can be used for countertops, floor and wall surfaces in kitchens, baths, etc. or in decorative places, our primary interest is in their use as a discount tile, floor covering. One of the greatest advantages to ceramic tile, much like other tile types, is that it is impervious to water, stain resistant and easy to clean making them useful in high traffic areas. This type of tile can be glazed, or unglazed, which determines if it would be better used as an indoor or outdoor flooring type. Unglazed tile is good for outdoor applications because it is not affected by freezing temperatures. On the other hand, glazed tiles are great  for indoor uses because it provides all of the advantages of a hard surface and water resistance but it also allows the flooring to be elegant.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile Virginia Beach  Installation Process

The installation process for ceramic tiles is very similar regardless of the tile type. Ceramic tiles are installed in evenly-spaced rows, and are cemented in place with the joints filled in with grout. Grout types can change based on use and level of maintenance. New epoxy grouts are also impervious to water making them easy to clean and retain their same great look over a longer period of time. Epoxy grouts have a different appearance but can sometimes require more maintenance, however they can be sealed making them easier to maintain as well.


Ceramic Tile

Different Types of Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile, although very simple is concept and design, has a few variations. As mentioned before, Ceramic tile Virginia Beach  is made from clay which is baked at extremely high temperatures giving it that hard, attractive look and feel. Some ceramic tiles are layered with liquid glass while others retain a more natural appearance. Originally, ceramic tiles would take days to create due to the firing process which needed time to reach certain temperatures in order for the tile to become durable enough for use as flooring. Now, due to a process called “monocottura” (Italian for “single fired”) in which a tile is fired and glazed at the same time, this process can be done in nearly a few hours. Thanks to this process, the price of tiles has decreased dramatically and even becomes more durable and denser which also assists in installation time.

Another process called “bicottura” (Italian for “double-fired”), breaks the process in two. This means that the clay is fired in one session, then a second time with a glaze added. This gives the tile a smoother, more attractive feel, however it also makes it less durable meaning that it should not really be used for flooring. This is the type of tile that you will primarily see on walls or back-splashes or any other indoor use.

Kitchen Wall Ceramic Tile

Things To Look For With Ceramic Tile

To elaborate on the information stated above, there are a few key things that you need to be aware of before choosing your tile. You should take into account the hardness, slip resistance, resistance to abrasion, and impact resistance. All of these terms should be self explanatory but we can go just a little deeper into each one to avoid confusion.

Hardness – Can be determined by the process in which the clay was initially baked. How many times it was fired. Was the clay sealed to avoid air pockets that can make it more malleable. Hardness is one of the main things to consider based on the location of where this tile will be housed.

Slip Resistance – This is another way of looking at water resistance. Does the tile absorb water or allow it to pool in a certain area. Does it have a rough surface allowing for more traction or has it been sanded down and glossed making it extremely more slippery when wet.

Resistance to Abrasion – There is a pro and a con to the hardness rating of a tile. While a tile can be very hard, this can sometimes make it more keen to abrasion. A tile that is a little less dense can typically absorb a lot of impact making it less abrasive. Also determining the level of heat and firing that the tile endured will determine this resistance to abrasion as well.

Impact Resistance – How likely is this tile to break when something is dropped on it? Of course you would want a tile that is able to withstand basic impact, however it can sometimes be a gamble because typically the more attractive tiles are the most likely to break. This is a great point to explain a tiles PEI rating (or just “PE” rating for short).

PEI Rating

PEI (Percelain Enamel Institure) is more of an outline for different tile types along with their suggested usage. The PE rating looks into details as far as heavy traffic patterns or general foot traffic. Here is a look at the PEI Rating Guide.

PEI 1 – Very Light Traffic

These tiles would be ideal for indoor wall applications like bathrooms or countertops. This can include bathroom flooring however it is suggested to be avoided in any area that will have any constant or heavy foot traffic.

PEI 2 – Light Traffic

These tiles can be used on all Interior Wall Applications. This includes all interior countertop uses as well as light traffic residential interior floors. Avoid using this type of tile in areas such as kitchens, entry ways, stairs, or areas with heavy traffic.

PEI 3 – Moderate Traffic

Light the lower PEI ratings, this tile can also be used in all interior wall applications or interior countertop applications, but it can also be ideal for typical residential use. This basic use includes hallways and places of general use. PEI 3 tiles are not a good option for commercial use.

PEI 4 – Moderate to Heavy Traffic

These tiles can be used on all Interior Wall Applications as well as all countertops applications and residential floors. This does also include light commercial use such as restaurants or lobbies. The only thing this tile type should not be used for is heavy commercial use.

PEI 5 – Heavy Traffic

This is the tile that can be used for almost all applications. This includes interior walls, interior countertops, residential interior floors, and all heavy commercial applications such as airports, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. This is the tile type that would be excellent for industrial applications where extreme durability is required.


A tile is a manufactured piece of material such as stone, metal, ceramic, or even glass. Tiles are typically used for flooring but can also be used for walls or roofs, and even tabletops.

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