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A Tile Contractors Virginia Beach  and backsplash tile is a manufactured piece of material such as stone, metal, ceramic, or even glass. Tiles are typically used for flooring but can also be used for walls or roofs, and even tabletops. The word “tile” is derived from a French word “tuile” which in from the Latin word “tegulae” meaning a roof Tile Contractors Virginia Beach  composed of baked clay.



Elegant Tile


Although it began as a roof type covering, tiles quickly became used for flooring after modern technology allowed for the tile backsplash to be more durable and attractive than most other flooring surfaces used at the time. Although tiles were once a very expensive, luxurious material, the technology surrounding tiles have quickly become more efficient, allowing for mass production and significantly less expensive rates for the best tile .

Tile Contractors Virginia Beach


Overview On Tile

One of the greatest types of flooring bathroom tile ideas for a commercial or residential facility are tiles. It is easy to clean, easy to maintain, simple to install, and looks great. Whether it be a solid color, a gradient, or a pattern of sorts, it adds a certain style to a room that cannot be compared to any other style of flooring. There are many different types of Tile Contractors Virginia Beach  including: Tile Porcelain, Glazed Porcelain, Glazed Ceramic, Mosaic, Quarry, and many others. In order to determine if Tile Contractors Virginia Beach  is right for you, there are a few things you should consider.

Tile – Pros & Cons

Benefits of Tile

As mentioned above, Tile Contractors Virginia Beach is one of the easiest types of flooring to install. You typically place a layer of concrete and place the tiles on top in whichever pattern you prefer. Then it is sealed up with grout giving it a beautiful clean look. Tile is extremely stain resistant and provides for a very simple cleaning process since water does not affect it as it does carpeting.

Tile Contractors Virginia Beach  also has a great look to it. Whether it be alternating patterns or designs, you are limited only to your own imagination since tile is so easy to set and place. It typically has a smooth glossy look to it that gives it a luxurious look and feel. If you are looking for a flooring style that has little maintenance, obvious beauty, and huge benefits then tile is the way to go.

Cons of Tile

While tile is a great asset to any home, is does come with few drawbacks as well. Tile doesn’t hold in warmth like a carpet does. It can get cold at times and be annoying when walking around without shoes on. This type of flooring also can get very slippery when wet, especially when it comes in contact with oils. Another huge issue is that it is very difficult to replace since it is typically held down with cement. With that being said, if it gets scratched or cracked it can sometimes be a pain to remove the broken tile and replace it since you may accidentally scratch or break nearby tiles and have to replace those as well. Be prepared, when you have tile installed, to have that tile around for a fairly long time without replacing it.

General Types of Tile

Tile Porcelain

The benefit of Porcelain Tiles is that they are extremely durable and resistant to different types of moisture which inhibit staining and wear. This type of flooring is helpful based on the process in which it is manufactured. Porcelain is a clay body powder mixed with a color pigment which allows the finished porcelain to have a consistent color throughout the body. This assists in being able to with withstand extreme temperatures and allows it to be outdoor ready as well (pools, decks, etc.)

Glazed Porcelain

Much like Porcelain Tiles, Glazed Porcelain are also very resistant to temperatures and basic wear. The main difference is the process in which glazed porcelain is created. This type of flooring has the same basic steps as the porcelain, however a colored glaze is added to the surface enhancing the colors and visual presentation. This glazed film can also make it slightly more durable, however it makes scratches a little more obvious than other types of tile.

Glazed Ceramic

Glazed Ceramic tile is really no different than the previous mentioned tile types aside from (once again) the process that it is created. With glazed ceramic, its less about the color and more about the consistency and raw materials used. With glazed tiles, the body is significantly more porous than other tiles allowing it to withstand more weight and be more resistant than other types. This makes glazed ceramic a great option for interior applications including bathrooms and kitchens.


Here is we get to some more noticeable differences in tile type. Mosaic tiles are typically very small (2″ x 2″) and always less than 6″ in in surface area. Made from either clay or porcelain bodies, mosaic tiles may include natural stones, glass, or even metal. This would be the type of tile you would need in order to make a more elaborate design or emblem. Mosaic tiles are usually mounted on paper, mesh or dot-mounted sheets to make it easier to prepare and install.


Although quarry tile is not very different than most of the other types of tile, quarry is an “unglazed” tiles that has a consistent color throughout its body. Manufactured from shale and natural clays, it has a dense structure which makes it highly resistant to moisture and staining as well. This makes this type of tile naturally slip resistant.



Breakdown of Specific Tiles

There are 4 main types of tiles that we will be touching on. These types include: Ceramic, VCT, Travertine, and Glass Tiles. Although these tiles have a lot of similarities, they have some key differences that we will touch upon a little more.


Ceramic Tile is used in both residential and commercial settings. Ceramic has many similarities, as far as functionality, to VCT. This flooring type can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, schools, retails chains, and municipal

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VCT tile (short for “Vinyl Composition Tile”) is a specific flooring type used for both residential and commercial buildings. Originally composed of asbestos, modern VCT is composed of PVC chips formed into solid squares by applying .

For more information on VCT, Please Click Here.


Travertine tile is an artistic looking type of tile used frequently in Italy. It is basically a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs. This type of flooring typically has a concentric (fibrous) appearance due to the process in.

For more information on Travertine Tile, Please Click Here.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is one of the more recent forms of tiles due to its obvious fragile nature. Originally used in only mosaics and for artistic projects, it wasn’t until the 3rd Century BC that artisans began to create glass tiles.

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Has gotten more and more popular over the years. Daltile can come in many different types of material. Like stone, metal, ceramic, or even glass.

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Mosaic Tile

Is not only used in high end luxury homes but it is also used in schools, commercial buildings , airports and your local city buildings. Mosaic tile has been in use for since 1500 Bc.

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Marazzi Tile

Is a Italian tile that is absolutely one of the most beautiful tile that is on the market today. it comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

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Saltillo Tile

Is a Mexican tile that has was developed from clay pot makers a 1000 years ago as a form of flooring. It was not only used for homes it was used for churches across the land.

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