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Cedar Shake Roofing Virginia Beach

Cedar Shake Roofing Virginia Beach-The strength and beauty of cedar make this versatile wood one of nature’s best building materials. Cedar roofing has natural toughness for resisting the ravages of the elements. Insect damage, UV ray damage, and other sorts of decay are less inclined to take hold with cedar shingles/cedar shake roofing. We’d roofing contractors Virginia Beach And roofers Virginia Beach be more than happy to consult with you about your options and provide roofing advice.

Cedar shake roofing Virginia Beach is not only an environmentally sound choice for roofing material, cedar is also a renewable resource. Cedar can be harvested and planted again, and again.

While these trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Cedar shake imitates this process in a very “green,” renewable way.


Cedar Shake Roofing

The Difference Between Cedar Shakes and Shingles

The difference between cedar shakes and shingles is less clear now than it was 50 years ago. Initially, cedar shingles were sawed  from a block, while cedar shakes were split off using a mallet and hammer.

Cedar Shake Roofing Virginia Beach

Cedar shingles are more precisely milled than shakes, and provide a more refined classic appearance, which is well roofing contractors Virginia Beach And roofers Virginia Beach suited to a wide range of styles. Cedar shake roofing Virginia Beach were the siding of choice for the post Victorian “Shingle Style” of the late 19th century, as well as for the many styles of the Arts and Crafts Period. Cedar shingles were very prevalent in the hundreds of Craftsman Style bungalows designed by Gustav Stickley, and were frequently specified for both roofing and siding installations. Today,roofing contractors Virginia Beach And roofers Virginia Beach, pre finished cedar shingles are often recommended because they cost about half as much as having technicians apply finish in the field (on the job).

Cedar shake installations provide a more irregular, rustic appearance. They make a less sophisticated, more charming statement that works well for some smaller cottage styles. Feel free to contact us for your next roofing job, using cedar shake or another roofing material! And don’t forget to browse our Testimonials Page to see positive reviews of our good work.

Providing exact estimates on cedar pricing and roof material costs can be difficult for a variety of reasons, but this roofing cost calculator may be of some help.


Roofing is necessary. It functions as a weatherproofing tool and offers structural support for the house. roofing contractors Virginia Beach And roofers Virginia Beach controls air flow, water diffusion, heat flow, and adds a layer of protection against basic exterior forces. With this amount of importance, you should fully research all aspects of the roof to ensure it is suitable to your needs.

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