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Our expert staff will work with you to make sure you get the most out of your experience with Creative Living, and we’ll help with picking out color themes for your room(s), making sure only the appropriate products are being used and we’ll set completion dates to make the process as seamless as possible. We only use the best painting products from nationally recognized brands for your residential home painting.

Residential Painting

Picking the right colors for a room is an important even when painting kitchen cabinets , sometimes overwhelming decision, in part because it affects the psychology, or the “mood,” of the person in the painted room. Residential Painting Virginia Beach .For those of you painting a new house, you have even more flexibility. Whites and off-whites, for example, can make a small room seem larger.

Residential Painting Virginia Beach

Brightly colored rooms, for instance an a child’s bedroom or playroom, can make the room seem more fun. For the grown-ups with painting ideas , a pastel-colored room is often recommended, providing a cozy, warm atmosphere for relaxation and rest. Keep in mind that some colors, in today’s culture, are masculine and others feminine. Expect a protest from your son if you decide to paint his room pink!

Part of the reason that interior paints are difficult to choose is because there are just so many options in the paint color wheel. Again, our technicians will guide you in this decision process. Estimating painting costs can be difficult, because it’s dependent on the number of rooms and the number of angles in the room. This cost calculator may be of some help, though.

Residential Painting

Painting for a Healthier Home

The painting process itself can make your home healthier. Residential Painting Virginia Beach .Paint traps dirt and dust, which would otherwise pester, and even damage, the furniture and occupants of the home. This is especially true when painting plaster walls, which are notorious for breaking off pieces of themselves over time. However, painting can be dangerous for the home’s inhabitants while the painting is being done.

To avoid these health hazards, such as the fumes from the paint, several steps should be taken. First, try to schedule the painting job for a warm season or date, when opening the windows will be a possibility. While the technicians are painting, keep as many windows open as possible to allow for a moderately powerful draft. After the job is done, avoid entering the room for 2-3 days.


VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, and most paints out there contain them. They are hazardous for your family’s health long after the initial fumes from painting settle. These VOC’s naturally expel themselves from the paint years down the road. It should be noted that the VOC emission from paints is certainly not lethal, but still can be dangerous, especially to young children and the elderly.

To avoid these health complications, demand that your paint be either low-VOC or no-VOC; both products exist. Keep in mind, though, that these paints are uncommon and are therefore somewhat pricey. Most paints contain about 10,000 chemicals, of which 300 are known toxins. Though the explanation is quite technical, the basic science behind low and no-VOC paints is that they use water-based paint instead of solvent-based paint. This is, without a doubt, the “greenest” paint available, because VOC’s also contribute marginally to global warming.


Residential Painting


We know how important your home is to you, as well as each room in it, and that is why we take the necessary steps to make sure your painting project is done right. Creative Living has one main priority with every painting project: to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the results! We are a local painting company with years of experience and hundreds of loyal customers. Call us today for a free in home estimate for your next residential painting Virginia Beach project. And be sure to read positive reviews of our work in our Testimonials Page.



Creative Living, a highly-esteemed painting business, offers residential and commercial painting at affordable prices. Our painters are highly skilled, arrive on time, and complete projects on schedule and with a friendly attitude.

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