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Creative Living, a highly-esteemed painting business, offers residential and commercial Painting Contractors Virginia Beach  at affordable prices. Our painters are highly skilled, arrive on time, and complete projects on schedule and with a friendly attitude.

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There are many reasons how to paint a room  people choose to paint or repaint areas inside or outside of their home. One reason is that it increases the value of the property. This is most important to those who are considering putting their home on the market. Another reason is that it increases curb appeal. Guests and neighbors will stare in awe at your paint job, and so will you when you pull into the driveway.

Others Painting Contractors Virginia Beach  their homes may be doing so for its ability to improve indoor air quality, as painting keeps dust and dirt away, especially in a home with plaster walls. Still another reason is that Painting Contractors Virginia Beach the interior and exterior walls of your house can actually protect it from the elements, like ice, snow, and rain, as well as extend the life of the wall it’s painted on, saving it from normal wear and tear.

Lastly, Painting Contractors Virginia Beach  is one of the cheapest remodeling jobs available, meaning that if you want to change the look of your home, painting it in a warm or cool color with provide a feeling a change without breaking the bank. On that same note, your freshly painted room(s) will have a positive psychological impact on your frame of mind, making for a happier you! Specifically, light colors will make a room appear larger, bright colors make a room seem more “fun,” and pastel colors ooze a serene, comfortable feeling into the room.



Painting Services

Our Process

Many excited homeowners have asked “I want to paint my house, but don’t know where to begin!” Our Painting Contractors Virginia Beach  process begins with an in-depth consultation with the homeowner to find the right color and/or color combinations for your interior rooms and exterior walls, if you decide to paint them both. This is a special time for the homeowner, because he or she has literally thousands of pigments of color to choose from! This obviously allows for immense customization, as the entire paint color wheel is at your fingertips.

PaintingAfter we have worked out with the homeowner which color(s) he or she wishes for the room(s), we get to work. After putting up Painting Contractors Virginia Beach tape and laying down work blankets, covering carpets, removing wall hangings and moving and covering furniture, our painters will demonstrate their hard work ethic and high-quality craftsmanship by having the job finished in a timely manner. Our painters fully clean up after themselves, leaving no trace, except your beautifully painted rooms, of them ever being there.

Interior Vs. Exterior Painting

While the basic elements of interior house painting and exterior house painting are the same, and are often painted for the same reasons, several notable differences exist.

To begin with, interior paints must have as few VOC’s as possible. Volatile Organic Compounds are damaging to the health of the home’s occupants, from people to plants. VOC’s include not only fumes from the initial paint job, but also volatile compounds released over time. Another unique aspect of interior painting is the care that’s taken to prevent leaks and drips of paint onto the furniture, carpet, etc. Lastly, interior paint finishes and exterior paint finishes may both include any of the following :flat enamel, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. Creative Living always uses the highest quality, best interior paint and exterior paint!

Residential Painting

Creative Living is helping homeowners change the appearance of their properties overnight. Out team of professional painters can help guide you to the right products and colors to take advantage of your properties’ existing aesthetics. And we keep house painting cost to a minimum.

For more information on Residential Painting, Click Here.

Commercial Painting

We offer commercial painting services from small to large scale projects. Our team of highly skilled painters have years of industry experience to transform your property. We have the flexibility to work around your schedule to ensure that your commercial painting project is completed on time with minimal interruption to your business.

For more information on Commercial Painting, Click Here.

Paint Colors

The paint colors that are available today are almost mind numbing. Thousands and thousands of colors are available so how do you choose one ?

If you need Information on Paint Colors Please Click Here.

Acrylic Paint

Was one of the first synthetic paints ever made. In the 1930’s acrylic paint was invented. It is a polymer paint that is water based a fairly easy to clean.

For more Information on Acrylic Paint Please Click here.

Faux Painting

Is a style of decorative paining that is used in spaces when you want to give the illusion of something that looks like wood, marble, stucco or stone.

For more Information on Faux Painting Please Click Here.

Textured Paint

Is used in all kinds of situations, from custom homes to commercial painting to someone just trying to cover up a bad looking surface.

For more Information on Textured Paint Please Click Here.
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