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Choosing different styles can be be difficult, you have many different variables to consider. Matching your kitchen cabinets or your kitchen countertops to your kitchen flooring. Or your kitchen paint on your walls. Now how do y0u choose the rite kind kitchen flooring . Call Creative Living Kitchen Remodeling Virginia Beach .


Kitchen Flooring

Types :

  • Tile : A hard surface material with lots of different choices, natural stone, travertine, marble, ceramic, slate, granite and vct tile .
  • Laminate :There are tons of different laminate flooring available , sometimes called composite flooring , from a multitude if different colors to different thicknesses.Kitchen Remodeling Virginia Beach.
  • Hardwood:Lots of different types of hardwood choices. From bamboo, cherry, oak, pine, distressed and cork.
  • Vinyl : Sometimes referred to as linoleum ranges from colors to thickness and is probably the most affordable type of kitchen flooring.

Kitchen Remodeling Virginia Beach


Kitchen FlooringChoices :


OK so now we have looked at different kinds of kitchen ideas for kitchen flooring Virginia Beach for your kitchen renovation and what kind will best fit your needs. Tile kitchen floors are nice and have a long life, but they are hard to keep clean. If you have a high traffic kitchen this might not be the best decision for you . You can clean them with your average household cleaners but the dirt, grease and grime that will build up over and get dug in over time will need to be cleaned by a professional periodically throughout the year. Now when it comes to laminate kitchen flooring Virginia Beach or engineered wood flooring it is a good choice for a high traffic kitchen but it can get scratched fairly easy which is probably  its biggest downfall. Fairly easy to clean maybe once a week with a spray on cleaner. Hardwood kitchen floors are just about the same a laminate floors when it come to daily maintenance and are fairly easy to kepp clean with a good moping about once a week. Laminate kitchen floors are probably the most low maintenance flooring with just daily cleaning of small spills and sweeping, but they are sensitive when it comes to dragging anything across them because they will get cut or ripped fairly easy.


Kitchen Flooring


Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling  In years past, kitchens were mainly a place to cook food, but now that is not always the case. Now, the kitchen can be a place where bills are paid, homework is done and laundry is folded. It is also a place where not only food is cooked but everyone comes together to enjoy some family time. Since the kitchen seems to be one of the most utilized rooms in the house, it can be a great place to showcase your style.
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