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Kitchen Cabinets Virginia Beach

Modern, classic, transitional, cottage, these are some of the different types of kitchen cabinets Virginia Beach that are readily available on the market and at most outlet stores daily.Call Creative Living Kitchen Remodeling Virginia Beach.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets : are sometimes referred to as contemporary kitchen cabinets  Virginia Beach are usually smooth by nature, sometimes made from different material like metal or plastic. They are very popular in European style kitchens and they can get very expensive.

Kitchen Cabinets


Classic: Kitchen Cabinets Virginia Beach  are sometimes referred to as traditional kitchen cabinets, these tend to are more of a older or retro look , they are the more popular style and used every day. They are usually built from a type of wood or some kind of composite or press wood , they are usually stained with a wood satin with many kitchen colors .

Kitchen Cabinets Virginia Beach

Kitchen Remodeling Virginia Beach

Cottage Kitchen Cabinets : are usually seen in older styled homes or beach homes, sometimes with frame only kitchen cabinets Virginia Beach with gas open doors. They tend to be painted white with a very cozy feel to them. a lot of times trimmed with a slat or lattice board.


Kitchen Cabinets

Just some basic kitchen cabinets information :

Base Kitchen Cabinets :

Standard base kitchen cabinets or bottom cabinets are on average 24 inches by 36 inches. Some times deeper for larger appliances. Kitchen Remodeling Virginia Beach.These are the cabinets that your sink is set in and counter tops are layed on top and mounted to. Your base sink cabinet usually has 2 false drawers on it for the sink and the kitchen plumbing for the sink. If you have a corner in the base cabinets they will usually have what is called a lazy Susan in the corner. A lazy Susan usually has a rotating shelf on them that can be used for many day to day kitchen purposes like spices, dishes, food and so on.

Wall Kitchen Cabinets :

These are usually 12 inches 18 inches but can be as small as 8 inches depending on where the cabinet is needed like in a tight spot between a ceiling and a refrigerator. These wall kitchen cabinets are usually the are where you usually put your dishes , cups, cookware  and so are some ideas for kitchen cabinet refacing .

Tall kitchen cabinets :

Are usually are used in places like pantry or washroom areas , they usually come in anywhere from 48 inches to 82 inches, these tall kitchen cabinets are usually not very deep 12 to 14 inches.

Maple :  Is a neutral colored, dense wood which is very durable and stands up well to heavy use. It is usually straight-grained but can have small burls or knots in them, adding natural character to the wood.

Oak :  Thick and dense , durable wood which can have  in a variety of colors to help its strong, stand out grain. White kitchen cabinets color can change  from nearly light  to dark  gray .

Cherry : Straight-grained, reddish , and smooth to the feel . Its deep , reddish and brownish  color darkens over time and exposure to light. Cherry wood is light, strong, and takes a finish beautifully.

Alder:  Related to the birch tree, is consistently light  in color, with no different and random grain patterns that makes it able to be finished in a wide variety of stains. It is a smooth, relatively soft wood and is easily damages.

Hickory :  is the densest , heaviest and strongest American wood in daily  use. Its fine grain is revealed by a wide variety of finishes. White to brown commonly with small pin knots and mineral streaks are common.

Birch :  The appearance of the wood will vary between species, but generally, the sap wood is a neutral and the middle  stock, light  brown.


Kitchen Cabinets




Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling  In years past, kitchens were mainly a place to cook food, but now that is not always the case. Now, the kitchen can be a place where bills are paid, homework is done and laundry is folded. It is also a place where not only food is cooked but everyone comes together to enjoy some family time. Since the kitchen seems to be one of the most utilized rooms in the house, it can be a great place to showcase your style.
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