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Faux Painting Virginia Beach

Is a style of decorative paining that is used in spaces when you want to give the illusion of something that looks like wood, marble, stucco or stone. It is usually applied with 2 or more colors.  A great way for home decorating ideas there are many different types and styles to faux painting. Faux painting Virginia Beach goes back centuries really being the first style of wall paining.


Faux Painting


All the back the caveman times, this was a barbaric way of painting pictures on the walls of caves. And ironically this style of painting is mainly used in high end homes and painters charge fairly high amount of money for something honestly the average person can do with a small amount of instruction.

Faux Painting Virginia Beach

There are many different painting ideas when it comes to faux painting  Virginia Beach but the application is somewhat similar to all styles of faux painting.


Faux Painting

Styles :

  • Marbleized : A marble looking finish that is supposed to resemble a marble or a bowling ball.
  • Fresco : A simple faux paint used mainly to add light highlights with colors.
  • Grain :  Like it sounds is supposed to give the appearance of a wood look and feel.
  • Color Wash : Random patterns of color usually used with brush .
  • Rag : Using a cotton to make random patterns with 2 or more colors.
  • Sponge :   A type a faux paint applied with a sponge and dome in a repeating pattern.

The marbleized pattern of faux painting Virginia Beach can be seen more and more on concrete paint these days on garages, department stores, and of coarse bowling alleys. When it comes to a do it yourself (DYI) all these styles can be done by someone with limited painting experience. Each style s almost self explanatory, first by adding a base coat and the using one of the above styles. The best way is to start painting techniques faux is to  on a small spot and do some testing until you get the desired effect you are looking for for you faux paint. If you are looking for a rag or sponge look do exactly that, get a sponge or a rag and start testing. By nature faux paints look best using a flat of egg shell sheen or finish.


Faux Painting


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