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Widely know as plaster of paris has been used for many years across the world. it is used on everything for wall to ceiling covering in residential and commercial buildings. It has been also widely used to for many kinds of sheetrock installation  and sculptures since it is such a durable and hard substance. Made mostly from gypsum, after the gypsum is heated it releases gases in a steam form.Call Creative Living drywall Contractor Virginia Beach .


Once it is turned into a powder it can be stored for long periods of time as long it is in a very low  humid environment. If the plaster  Virginia Beach get damp whatsoever it will become hard rite in the bag and it will be rendered unusable.drywall Contractor Virginia Beach . Plastering walls is the most common use but it is a best practice done by professionals.

Plaster Virginia Beach




When it comes to patching plaster textures can really make a difference.

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Knockdown plaster, this is a sprayed plaster Virginia Beach usually through a machine called a hopper. The plaster is sprayed in small pieces on the area, sort of small splatters. Once it has started to partially harden a tool called a squeegee is used to lightly knock the sharpness of the top, hence the word knockdown.

Sand Swirl plaster is probally one of the most common plaster Virginia Beach textures you will see. Once the plaster is troweled on the wall and has started to set a sponge is taken to make light swirl texture. Sand is added to the plaster which gives it a light sandy texture.

Popcorn plaster also a very popular plaster Virginia Beach used mostly on ceilings . It is usually applied with a hopper but with a much smaller tip. And no need to knock anything down.

Spanish Plaster is a common plaster Virginia Beach used in the south parts of the country and a lot of restaurants. After the plaster is trialed in the walls a  putty knife is usually pressed in to the setting plaster . This plaster texture is usually a very random pattern and fairly easy to repair.





Drywall, also known as plasterboard or sheet rock , is made of a gypsum plaster pressed between two thick sheets of paper.It  is very common in the construction of interior walls and ceilings, and you more than likely have some in your home.

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