Drywall Contractor Virginia Beach

Drywall, also known as plasterboard or sheet rock , is made of a gypsum plaster pressed between two thick sheets of paper. It  is very common in the construction of interior walls and ceilings, and you more than likely have some in your home.  Drywall Repair Virginia Beach


One of the main advantages of it is that it’s cheaper drywall prices and easier to install than traditional plaster. It also has a higher fire-resistance rating than most other building materials.

Drywall Contractor Virginia Beach

Drywall Repair Virginia Beach

It has a relatively low durability rating, however, so nicks and scrapes are a common sight in any home with drywall. Drywall Repair Virginia Beach,An even worse problem for unlucky homeowners with Drywall Contractor Virginia Beach is water damage. Drywall, as the name might imply, is easily and heavily damaged by exposure to water.

Negative Aspects

Nicks, scrapes, and holes are inevitably going to find their way into your wall. Fortunately, these problems are actually quite easy to fix using a patch or a joint compound. Ready-made patches are available for sale in most hardware stores, and are simple to use. To watch an easy-to-understand video on how to patch holes and how to repair drywall, click here.

Creative Living will be more than happy to send out a technician to fix your holes if you decide you don’t want to go through the hassle of fixing it yourself.

Water is the bane of all drywall. When water comes in contact with the bottom of drywall, wicking will most likely occur, turning the bottom into a mushy, flaky substance. Itl will continue to absorb the water over time, and soon the entire bottom portion of the Drywall Contractor Virginia Beach will be lost to moisture. If the leaking water is coming from an upper floor, the drywall may soften around the drywall screw anchors, and with the help of gravity the Drywall Contractor Virginia Beach may sag or fall completely off.

Once you notice moisture accumulating in or on the Drywall Contractor Virginia Beach section(s), prompt action must be taken to avoid further damage. We’ll begin by monitoring the building for moisture using meters to determine the extent of water migration. All excess water  is then removed using either truck mounted or portable extraction equipment. Your floor, wall or ceiling coverings are then discarded to expose the surface beneath the water damage when the technician deems necessary. We have dehumidifiers and air movers which circulate warm, dry air throughout the building. Drywall Repair Virginia Beach, This removes water while preventing mold growth.

For more information on water damage restoration, click here.

The Importance of Professional Installation

Another negative aspect of Drywall Contractor Virginia Beach is its propensity to be installed incorrectly. If not taped properly by the installer, the joints between the sheets of drywall may become visible. Another important responsibility for the installer is to choose the correct size and quantity of sheet rock. The length of drywall sheets vary from 8 to 16 feet, with thicknesses varying between 1/4″ and 5/8″.

Drywall installation mistakes by amateurs include framing at the inside corners of walls and installing the corner bead inaccurately.Drywall Repair Virginia Beach,  Also, the inaccurate measuring of walls and ceilings leads to jamming in one or more pieces of drywall, which crumbles the corners and might even break off an edge or two.

A professional technician from Creative Living can also suggest several variations of drywall. Moisture-resistant drywall,Drywall Repair Virginia Beach,  for example, is ideal for humid areas of your house like the laundry room. This would be the ideal drywall for bathrooms as well. If you are concerned with the damaging effects that water might have on your drywall, or with the various health hazards involved with mold growth, our technician will recommend a mold-and-moisture-resistant type of drywall. Though more expensive, insulated drywall is also available which considerably reduces fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and reduces noise levels from adjacent rooms.

If you need another reason to choose Creative Living for your Drywall Contractor Virginia Beach, consider the expense of the equipment necessary for a successful installation. Drywall tools:

  • Stud Finder
  • Drywall Nail Gun
  • Drywall Saw
  • T-Square
  • Stepladder
  • Straightedge
  • Pry Bar
  • Safety Glasses
  • Shop Vacuum
  • Utility Knife
  • Drywall Screws


Is built from a soft sulfate mineral , this is a mineral that goes back to Ancient Egypt and has been mined for thousand of tears.

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Or sometimes referred to as render, mixed with a binder once it has set is as hard and dense as concrete. Being that it is still in the masonry family it is used mainly for exterior applications.

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Known for its uses world wide sheetrock is a widely used wall covering that has been around for many many years.

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 Widely know as plaster of Paris has been used for many years across the world. it is used on everything for wall to ceiling covering in residential and commercial buildings.

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There are many different plaster textures you can use . Stucco is another name that is commonly used for textures.

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Drywall Repair Virginia Beach
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