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Stained Concrete Virginia Beach  can assume nearly any shape, design, pattern or texture. But the one characteristic that most distinguishes decorative concrete is color–whether used subtly to blend with nature, or boldly to make a dramatic statement. Creative Living Virginia Beach offers many options when it comes to colors and custom colors are available for different concrete patio ideas . Creative Living concrete contractors Virginia beach.

Color Stone Tile

If you’re tired of your old stained or wore out carpet  or chipped or busted tile then stained concrete may be right for you. Concrete contractors Virginia beach. Have you already had your concrete stained and are not happy with the job? We are here to help and can fix the problem(s) and make your driveway look the way you’ve been wanting it to.

Colored Stained Concrete Virginia Beach

Our cost of concrete is minimized because we deal directly with the big guys, and this translates into savings for you and your family. And it goes without saying that Creative Living will take care of the concrete delivery.

Always perform a test area before final installation to determine if the color you selected  stamped concrete cost is really the one you want in front of your house for 50 years, and always include a clear topcoat because it will alter the final appearance of the stain as well. We also offer Behr concrete stain for those who require it.

*Please be advised: the colors are a representation, and will vary depending on the substrate, the age of the concrete, and dilution rate of the stain.

**These colors are on a gray concrete background and diluted 1:1 with water.

Concrete contractors Virginia beach


Where to Use

  • Stained Concrete Virginia Beach Patios and Walkways
  • Pool Decks
  • Driveways
  • Stained Concrete Virginia Beach Garage Floors
  • Interior/exterior (residential, commercial/retail)
  • Lanai

When you hear the words “Decorative concrete” most people automatically assume acid stained concrete.  Acid stain slabs are beautiful but they do have a lot of limitations.  As the installer I am at the mercy of the canvas that I have to work with.  I strongly recommend acid staining only new slabs.  The reason for this is contaminates.  Any old glue, stains, cracks, chemical spills, paint, etc. could affect the staining process.  I have yet to see an old slab take an acid stain without problems.  Did you know that over 20% of acid stain floors fail?  The reasons for failure are many but it is important to have a lot of communication with your builder and installer prior to even the slab being poured.  This will insure a quality job and lower the failure rate.

Floored by Design has an acid stain process for existing slabs.  Very few people have heard of overlaid acid stains.  This process can be used both for interior and exterior applications.  We prepare the slab, apply a polymer over the slab and stain the top coat.  We can achieve a consistent color with a neutral canvas each time to ensure you get the acid stained look you are looking for.

H&C Semi-Transparent Decorative Stains are a great alternative to acid staining. Since no chemical reaction is taking place, there is no extended  waiting time for color penetration, so no need to neutralize.  With this advanced formulation, it allows color to reach full potential almost immediately upon application.  Color may be built up without the worry of spending the alkalinity of the concrete as with acid stain. Numerous coats can be applied instantly, no need to apply then wait an extended period of time.


Comparison ChartTHE PROCESS
The concrete is prepared in the same manner as other flat work but drying times may vary.


Whether your adding parking to your driveway, or updating your property with a custom patio or concrete landscaping, we enjoy making our customers proud. Do you plan on building a new home, garage or business office? We do residential and commercial, footings, foundations, and grade work, all tailored to your structural plans.

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