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With a low–profile carpet padding, unassuming appearance for contemporary to country to cottage styles and a warm, personal atmosphere, Berber carpeting is quite popular of all carpet types. Berber Berber Carpet Virginia Beach  features low-profile, loop pile construction that can have flecks of color throughout the fibers. The casual style of Berber Carpeting compliments almost any type of décor, from contemporary to country. Most berber carpets are traditional, but designer carpets may be available.

Berber Carpet Virginia Beach

We’ll help you find the right Berber Berber Carpet Virginia Beach  color carpet flooring and type based on your practical considerations, price and budget – ask your Sales Representative about some of these features during your appointment and learn more about Berber Carpet considerations.

Berber Carpet


Berber carpets usually feature a plain color mix with no patterns, and are cheap and durable. This allows homeowners to keep carpeting costs to a minimum. The name comes from the Berber people of North Africa, who to this day still hand weave carpets and other tapestries using the method of their namesake, often incorporating bright colors into their works.


  • To avoid costly problems and get quality work at a fair price, have Berber Berber Carpet Virginia Beach  installation completed by a licensed and bonded Flooring Contractor. Use the free Homewyse checklist for proven advice in finding, hiring and managing a trustworthy Flooring Contractor.
  • Avoid costly warranty and maintenance problems for your Berber Berber Carpet Virginia Beach  project. Use Carpet Installation checklists to make sure your project is completed with proper installation techniques and materials.

Olefin is a synthetic polypropylene material. Despite being the cheapest fiber, Olefin is made using petrochemicals and is considered the least sustainable option for Berber Carpet Virginia Beach  fiber. Olefin is generally strong, colorfast and stain resistant, making it a popular choice for Berber carpet. Being a strong material, you may find it ideal for basement carpeting. However, the environmental impact of Olefin (both inside your home and during the manufacturing process) has caused considerable debate among consumers and installers as to its use.


Berber Carpet


Carpet is a great choice for first-time homebuyers, retirees and families with kids and pets alike. If properly maintained, a beautiful carpet can grace your home’s family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways for many years to come. The benefits of having carpet in the home are myriad, including increased comfort, safety, noise reduction, and warmth.

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