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Bathroom cabinets serve important functions, such as storage of toiletries, towels, and clothes. Because of this, just about every bathroom you’ve been in has some form of cabinetry, even it is only a small medicine cabinet. Bathroom remodeling Virginia beach, However, just because cabinets are necessary in your bathroom doesn’t mean they have to look bad or ugly. Creative Living is your bathroom cabinet expert, with hundreds of makes and models available. So what are you waiting for check out or bathroom pictures ?

Bathroom Cabinets Virginia Beach

Like any other accent in your home, like furniture or art on the wall, your bathroom cabinetry makes a statement about who you are. So why not pick the most beautiful cabinetry available? That’s exactly what we offer at Creative Living bathroom remodels. Whether you want to dive into a whole new look for your bathroom, or wish to match existing furniture or styles in Bathroom Cabinets Virginia Beach, there are plenty of styles and materials you can choose from. Traditional bathroom cabinets come in any of a vast amount of different types of wood, including oak, maple, and cherry cabinets.

Bathroom Cabinets

Features of Types of Wood

  • Maple– Maple is a medium to hard wood with a straight, wavy, or curly grain. Maple has a light and uniform appearance, and has a smooth, clean look when stained.
  • Oak– Oak is a very hard, heavy wood with a coarse grain. Oak is a great choice become it is timeless.
  • Birch– Birch is a  smooth hardwood with a curly grain, and stains well.
  • Hickory– Hickory is a strong, hard wood that is famous for its random streaks in its grain. Hickory
  • Cherry– Cherry has a smooth grain, and is famous for its color deepening as it ages.

Bathroom remodeling Virginia beach

Bathroom Cabinets

Different Types of Wood Grain

Different people are drawn to different types of wood for different reasons for Bathroom Cabinets Virginia Beach. Some enjoy the dark hues of cherry, while others feel that a light maple will best enhance the mood of the living space. Call Creative Living bathroom remodeling Virginia beach. To further complicate things, homeowners also must keep in mind that some types of wood will better match their furniture, particularly any existing wood tables, desks, etc. No matter which type of wood a homeowner chooses for their bathroom cabinets, they will reap the benefits of wood that countless others have enjoyed. One benefit is that it provides warmth to a room, both figuratively (its color and appearance will provide a soothing feeling) and literally (wood takes much longer to cool than metal or glass does). Another is that the unique craftsmanship of the wooden cabinets can be enjoyed, while metal and glass cabinets are often assembled using an industrial complex.


Contemporary Bathroom CabinetsBathroom Cabinets

If the look and feel of natural wood is not your style for Bathroom Cabinets Virginia Beach and does not match your bathroom shower ideas , you might want to try some contemporary bathroom cabinets. Many of these cabinets have frosted privacy glass and offer plenty of storage. Contemporary cabinets complement the look of metal and glass, and in general give off a minimalist look, leaving more of the bathroom open and free than traditional wooden cabinets would. A lot of our modern bathroom design and contemporary vanities come with chrome features, such as faucets and knobs. A popular choice for the contemporary bathroom is glass Bathroom Cabinets Virginia Beach, which look great. If you can’t decide whether you want traditional, warm, wooden cabinetry in your bathroom or if you want a contemporary, sleek, metal look, try this helpful bathroom planner. It can guide you through the process, letting you choose every fixture down to the handles on the cabinets. Try the step-by-step bathroom planner: Or, if you’re a free spirit who wants unique bathroom cabinets, we can install for you whatever you hand-pick from your Bathroom remodeling Virginia Beach company.

Creative Living

When you choose Creative Living for your Bathroom Cabinets Virginia Beach project, we’ll install a gorgeous bathroom suite inside your home. A full bathroom suite includes a vanity cabinet, vanity top, matching wall mirror and linen tower, and we’d be happy to install one in your bathroom. Creative Living has informed, hard-working  Bathroom remodeling Virginia Beach technicians that can get the job done right and on time. Check out our Testimonials Page for positive reviews of our work.

We offer great service and products at inexpensive, affordable prices. Remember, inexpensive bathroom cabinets are not the same as cheap bathroom cabinets!

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