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As a bathroom remodeling Virginia Beach company we focus on the bath to create a feeling of luxury within the room. With different bathroom ideas a large room will accommodate a much more extravagant bath. Our bathroom design, such a bath may be a freestanding model, or a large hydrotherapy or whirlpool bath, allowing for extra comfort within the bathroom. If the room is to be shared, then perhaps you might consider using dual basins in the shower tile ideas to allow more than one person to use the room at the same time.

Bathroom Remodeling Virginia Beach



When renovating bathroom, it’s important to consider lighting. While lighting will not be as important to create a feeling of space, it must still be considered carefully. If you wish to create a degree of intimacy within your large bathroom design, then you may wish to choose darker tones and colors to make the room seem cozier. . You should also make sure that light can reach all areas of the room effectively by planning your bathroom flooring and lighting around the natural light provided by any windows, and making sure that the areas not reached by natural light are properly illuminated for your Bathroom Remodeling Virginia Beach. Variable lighting could be used in order to highlight the more prominent areas, or mood lighting could be used to create a very personal feel to the room. We also have solutions for those of you remodeling bathrooms on a budget.


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If your looking to remodel your master bedroom’s bathroom or are looking for a guest bathroom remodel, the summer is a great time to consider home renovations! Freshening up a tired looking bathroom with a new shower, cabinets, and the like can definitely give your tired old bathroom the attention it deserves! Even just floors and cabinets can boost you in the modern era that your home deserves! Creative Living has been dedicated to serving bathroom remodeling to Virginia Beach for over a decade.

Good Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling Virginia Beach 

When investing in a Bathroom Remodeling Virginia Beach project, the results are not only pleasing to you, it also adds value to your home. That will you save money and energy as well. Also you should take advantage of the latest technologies and design trends. Bathroom vanities are a popular choice for new bathroom remodeling Virginia Beach  projects, as are changes or additions to the tub or shower.

Keep unexpected Expenses in the Budget

The most common problem in a Bathroom Remodel Virginia Beach  is hidden water damages. Whether its a leak in a pipe, or a toilet running in excess. They cause damage to floors and walls that aren’t apparent til the pipes in the walls are expected. Its always is best practice to leave 20% above the projected cost( just in case)!

Make the toilet Discreet
The most unsightly eye sore in a custom bathroom is the toilet. That is why the best practice with this fixture is to hide it. This can be Implicated by putting it in own small room with in a room, or hide  it by using a half wall or piece of furniture. It lessens the eye sore or even hides it from plain sight.

Choose Custom Surfaces

Bathroom services are the number one aesthetic thing noticed in a bathroom remodeling Virginia Beach. Porcelain and ceramic tile is the best choice by designers for durability and style. They are best used on the floors and the walls! Whether on sections like the shower walls, or on all the walls in the bathroom for the extra custom look. Tile size can range for 18×18 to 12×12 with 6×6 tile used for borders and transitions. For the counter-tops, Granite and Quarts have migrated from the kitchen to the bathrooms for that extra style and durability.

Go All Out For Your Shower

The days of big ugly bath tubes is gone! (Unless there is only one Bathroom in the house) If not make the shower the focus point of the custom bathroom of your dreams! Customs glass enclosure and walls of tile is the best way to do this. Even though it does not have to take up a lot of space a 5×7 area can make for a exciting shower with custom shower heads and even jets built in to the walls make for the most luxurious place in your home.


Water Efficiency

In resent years faucets, toilets and shower-heads have become more efficient. WaterSense winners include low-flow Shower-heads meet the flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. Toilets that use a low 1.28 gallons per flush can save $100 per year. Choosing a Aerator faucets can reduce the flow of water in your sink by 30% or more for your bathroom remodeling Virginia Beach.


Adequate Lighting and Ventilation

Moisture can breed mold and mildew,it also takes a toll on paint and other finishes. The National Kitchen and Bath Association call for a duct system that transfers air 50 cubic feet per minute. For larger Bathrooms with steam showers Twice the air transfer is suggested and is necessary for the air to be transferred.

Lighting is very important to a bathroom for the illumination in the room for efficiency consider fixtures that use Led bulbs. With the promise of 50,000 hours and many provide brighter light with just a little more expense. Don’t forget to put light switches on dimmers depending on mood or task  at hand.


Ultimate Comfort    

There is nothing like a newly remodeled bathroom that not only looks fantastic idea, but feels great too. Remodeling your bathroom gives you the best opportunity to incorporate ease of use for your bathroom remodeling Virginia Beach comfort and safety features that will improve the quality of your life.

  • Worth Every Penny
    Bathrooms Remodeling is one of the best home improvements for return on your investment. Increasing the value of your home can be a highly desirable outcome and so is the added beauty and comfort.
  • Touch of Elegance
    A new bathroom is wonderful place to relax and wash away daily stresses. You can enjoy a soothing bath or a relaxing stream of warm water in an easy entry shower along with the joy that comes from an up-to-date, elegant new bathroom. Not only helps your body but some days feels like it relaxes your soul.
  • Joys of Acrylic
    2 out of 3 homeowners choose acrylic because of its durability and ease of care. Acrylic is non-porous so there is nowhere for dirt and germs to hide. You get the look and feel you want while you say good bye to moldy grout lines in a Newly Remodeled bathroom.
  • Bathrooms Done Right
    A beautiful  Bathroom Remodeling Virginia Beach  service  begins with the right company. Creative Living has been specializing in bathrooms repair  and contracting for over 15 years. Whether you are looking for a quick spruce up of your bathroom idea to perk up its appearance or an overhaul to increase your safety with a tub-to-shower conversion, we will help you get what you want and need bathroom remodeling Virginia Beach  project done.

Large Bathrooms

For large bathrooms, there is almost no limit to what beautiful wooden cabinets you can have inside. A beautiful large vanity in your Bathroom Remodeling Virginia Beach will impress your guests, and will make you and them feel more comfortable when inside. Homeowners often see large bathrooms as obstacles or challenges, because they feel “empty” or too large when occupied. We challenge homeowners to view it as an opportunity to populate the bathroom with gorgeous accents and accessories.

If you are fortunate to have a large bathroom, it does not mean that any less planning is needed. You still need to take into account the position of plumbing fixtures, while maintaining enough space around each of your fittings. Grouping fixtures together will allow you to use the extra space created for additional relaxation areas, or for space to install fitted cabinets and other storage areas.

For more information on remodeling large bathrooms Please Click Here.

Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms remodel well, despite protests from people trying to enhance their small bathrooms. For small bathrooms, there are still options available, such as high-quality medicine cabinets with mirrors. Another popular option for both small and large bathrooms are cabinets that hang over the toilet, or hanging bathroom cabinets, that save space while providing a lot of storage space. Small glass showers are also an option.

When remodeling a small bathroom, the key is to focus on SPACE and PERSPECTIVE. With the creativity and expertise that Creative Living offers, you can make that bathroom feel larger.

For more information on remodeling small bathrooms, Please Click Here.

Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets serve important functions, such as storage of toiletries, towels, and clothes. Because of this, just about every bathroom you’ve been in has some form of cabinetry, even it is only a small medicine cabinet. However, just because cabinets are necessary in your bathroom doesn’t mean they have to look bad or ugly. Creative Living is your bathroom cabinet expert, with hundreds of makes and models available. So what are you waiting for?

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Showers are often preferred over bathtubs because they take less time than drawing a bath does, can look much more impressive than bathtubs, use less water than bathtubs, and are often considered a cleaner way to bath because the dirty water simply rolls off you into the drain. However, while the benefits of a shower are easy to sound off, and the basic features and functions of a shower are universal and rather simple, deciding on a new shower purchase, either by itself or as part of a larger remodeling job, can be a daunting task.

For more information on showers click Please  Click Here .


Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Types :

  1. Bath towel racks : MOEN and Delta are a little bit more high end with polished metals and acrylic types of bath towel racks, toiletry, accessories paper holders, robe hooks and towel rings .

For more Information on Bathroom Accessories Please Click Here.


Bathroom Decor

 Bathroom Decor ideas:

There are many different bathroom decor ideas on the internet to choose from, so many it is probably overwhelming if you think about it, so how do you choose the one that is right for you ?

For more Information on Bathroom Decor Please Click Here.


Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub refinishing is a very old process that has been around for many years, sometimes called bathtub re-glazing or bathtub re-surfacing . Bathtub refinishing cost can very depending on the tub type, age, damage, and material made from.There are many different factors when considering when and if you want to refinish your bathtub.

For more Information on Bathtub Refinishing Please Click Here.

Bathroom Vanities

Vanities Size And Shapes :

  • Single Vanities     (Made for small bathrooms and or bathrooms with vanities on different sides of the room)

For more Information on Bathtub Vanities Please Click Here.



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