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Architectural Roofing Virginia Beach shingles heighten the visual impact of your home by creating a beautiful, multidimensional effect on your roof. That’s one of the reasons they’re the most popular choice among homeowners today. They also offer an extra-thick, laminated construction for longer life. Special adhesives seal each shingle very tightly and reduce the risk of shingles blowing off your roofing contractors Virginia Beach And Roofers Virginia Beach . The adhesives are warranted to stay in place and offer better wind resistance. Architectural shingles are available in a wide array of colors and styles and come with Peace of Mind Warranty, and special new roofing technology enhances the “greenness” of your roofing project.

Roofing Service Virginia Beach

When selecting a roofing contractors Virginia Beach And Roofers Virginia Beach  it’s important they know what they’re doing. They should provide:
References: Ask for references and call a few of them.
Adequate insurance coverage: To protect your home from accidental damage. Just look at this homeowner’s roofing nightmare! Obviously they didn’t call Creative Living for their roofing project!
A list of their roofing credentials: Are they members of trade associations or manufacture contractor programs?
A thorough roof inspection: Including deck, attic, flashing, chimney, soil stacks and other roof penetrations.
A written estimate: Including an accurate description of the work to be performed, plus work that may have to be contracted out.
A thorough explanation of entire roof system: Your roof is a system of components that work together and you should know about all of them.
A check of the existing ventilation and an explanation of the importance of proper ventilation: Improper ventilation could damage your shingles and can invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty.
Knowledge, explanation and compliance with local building codes:Roofing roofing contractors Virginia Beach And Roofers Virginia Beach  Local codes, for example, determine the maximum number of roof layers you can have or the required accessory components like felt.
Application of under layment to the wood deck: Additional waterproofing underlayment might be needed if ice damming, wind-driven rain or collected flowing water might be a problem.
Application of shingles according to manufacturer’s specifications: Improper application can affect your manufacturer’s warranty. Four nails are required for most shingles — six in high-wind areas. Fasteners should penetrate ¾” into the deck.
Job supervision at all phases and thorough inspection when finished.
Thorough cleanup of roof and entire area: Including removal of all surplus materials and cleaning of yard. Look at our Testimonials Page for positive reviews!
Explanation of workmanship and manufacturer’s warranty: Are defective shingles replaced for prorated replacement cost or original cost? Are labor charges additional? Make sure your contractor explains your warranty and is clear about whom to call with a problem.
Additional warranty coverage: Owens Corning™ Roofing offers several Roofing System Limited Warranties, if your contractor is an Owens Corning™ Roofing Preferred or Platinum Preferred Contractor.
Quality roofing materials: Check the product warranty plus Roofing Service Virginia Beach Underwriters Laboratories (UL) fire and wind-resistance ratings. Choose a name you trust – not all shingles are the same.

Creative Living provides all of these services and documents to gain your trust as a company. Our technicians are certified with industry authorities like the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association.


Please submit a request to us with your roofing project ideas and specifications. We’ll promptly return your request for information such as an estimate. Creative Living is your trusted local roofing expert.


Roofing is necessary. It functions as a weatherproofing tool and offers structural support for the house. Roofing controls air flow, water diffusion, heat flow, and adds a layer of protection against basic exterior forces. With this amount of importance, you should fully research all aspects of the roof to ensure it is suitable to your needs.

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Cedar Shake Roofing

The strength and beauty of cedar make this versatile wood one of nature’s best building materials. Cedar roofing has natural toughness for resisting the ravages of the elements. Insect damage,

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Asphalt shingles

Asphalt Shingles are one of the most common forms of shingles used today. Originally invented in America in 1901, Asphalt Shingles are extremely inexpensive and very simple to install.

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Terracotta Shingles

Terracotta is a clay-based glazed or unglazed ceramic. It can often be defined by its porous “fired” body. It is manufactured by taking a refined clay and forming it into a specific shape.

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Metal Roof

Are a fast growing type of roofing system that is not only environmentally safe but is made and composed of almost 95% recycled materials. It has almost 25% more in energy savings.

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Architectural Shingles

Are the general roof for almost 75% of the homes in the US . They were invented in the early 1900’s and have been the standard for most roofs ever since .

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