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Fencing Contractors Virginia Beach

Fencing Virginia Beach Contractors The purpose of a privacy fence is to keep the view of your property and accessibility to a minimum. A privacy fence serves as a first line of defense to protect your property from outside threats . These threats could include anything from your neighbor’s pets to intruders trying to breach your property’s perimeter. Standard privacy fences are six feet in height. This height easily deters these threats from entering your property. Another good reason to secure your property with a privacy fence is to protect your right to privacy from onlookers in your neighborhood. Call Creative Living Fencing Contractors Virginia Beach.

Fencing Contractors Virginia Beach

If your goal isn’t so much privacy, but the functionality of keeping undesirables off your property then there is also a variety of chain link fences you could install. There are a couple of standard sizes in a chain link fence. The standard size for a front or side yard installation is three and a half to four feet high. The backyard is normally six feet high.Fencing Contractors Virginia Beach .  This is the standard security fence that you can see through. It’s main purpose is to keep animals and pets out of your yard. Our Virginia Beach Fence company, Creative Living, uses quality craftsmanship in all our fencing jobs.

The advantages of chain link fences are that it provides greater security and protection to your home. The main disadvantage of these type of security fences is that they generally lack the beauty and esthetics of the typical, picket, stained wood-grain fences, which provide a warm texture.

The other common form used in fencing is known as the picket fence. This is a decorative fence that is three feet in height, that normally comes in white. Most people use this type of fence in their front yard for decoration, but it can be used anywhere for decoration or protection. This type of fencing isn’t as effective for security as the privacy or chain link fences.

The last type of fence that a Virginia Beach fence contractor needs to be able to install is the vinyl fence. A Vinyl fence can provide an attractive safety or privacy barrier around your home or business. PVC-Vinyl Fences have low maintenance characteristics and usually will last a life time. We offer several popular styles that cover a variety of residential and decorative uses. Fencing Contractors Virginia Beach .Should you desire something else, simply send us a picture and we will duplicate it as closely as possible. White is our most popular color, but other colors are available upon request. Many of the PVC-Vinyl fences meet swimming pool code as long as the gates are self closing and locking. Privacy fence are usually 6 ft high and there are some 4 ft picket types.

Whether you are looking for privacy or the perfect decoration for your dream yard, please consider hiring Creative Living for your next job! Click here to see positive reviews of our work.




 As a full-service fencing company, we offer a wide variety of options for outfitting the perimeter of your home or business. If you’re not sure what’s available, an experienced member of our team can help you pick out a fencing material that matches the style of your home and offers the level of privacy you desire.

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Vinyl Fences

A vinyl fencecan provide an attractive safety or privacy barrier around your home or business. PVC-vinyl fences have low maintenance characteristics and usually will last a life time.

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Wood Fences

We use Pressure-treated Yellow Pine in our custom wood privacy fences. At Creative Living, we pride ourselves in our extensive styles and options of wood fence.

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Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences provide exceptional security and protection in commercial, industrial, recreational, and residential fencing applications.

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Privacy Fence

Wood Privacy Fence : This is probably the widest used of all fence materials. Usually this is a pressure treated wood for exterior use. Wood fencing comes in a variety of different widths, lengths and different shapes of the picket fences.

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Picket Fence

A picket fence comes in a wide array of choices. Also made from different choices of materials. Weather it built for keeping a pet in a yard, or for security there are many reasons when you are using a picket fence.

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Split Rail Fence

Are commonly used to keep livestock , such as cattle, bacon, and sheep in a area of the farm that a rancher wants to have in the same area.

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Wrought Iron Fence

Used for many years for many different uses this kind of fencing is used for not only decorative purposes but for security reasons also.

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