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Drywall Virginia Beach

Creative Living Drywall comes in different sizes, thickness and types. The most common is ½” by 4ft by 8ft. The thickness you choose should match the thickness of the rest of the existing drywall on your project, especially if you are patching a repair.
You may find that walls additions and garages done with 5/8″ drywall. This is required in some states as an added fire protection. It is also commonly used in commercial projects and in multi dwellings such as condos. Call Creative Living Drywall Virginia Beach .
Another type of Drywall Virginia Beach you should be aware of is called green board. It is a water resistant drywall used in potentially wet areas such as bathrooms. It is made from a more dense material and is covered with a green paper. One hint for installing drywall in possible wet area is to install the drywall at least ½ inch or more above the floor surface to prevent the water from “wicking” up the wall.Drywall Virginia Beach .

Strengthening the Drywall Patch

Drywall Virginia Beach

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The trouble with having a hole in your wall, besides looking bad, is the wall patch could be a weak spot in the future. To keep the patch from needing future repair, you want to strengthen it with wood support referred to as “backing”. If the hole is large enough that you can see or feel the wood support, cut away the damaged drywall back to the nearest support stud on each side of the drywall hole. Cut the drywall to expose half of the support stud to attach the new piece of drywall to with drywall screws. Drywall Virginia Beach If the hole is too small to reach the studs, insert new pieces of wood into the hole and fasten the wood with screws to the back of the existing drywall through the surface of the existing drywall leaving some of the wood showing to screw on the new drywall to. Drywall Virginia Beach Allow at least 3 inches of wood on the top and bottom behind the drywall to give plenty of support for the new patch.Drywall Virginia Beach .

Using textures

There are 4 common wall textures for drywall. Drywall Virginia Beach The hardest to work with is, shockingly, smooth wall. Two others are Orange Peel and Knockdown, which are sprayed on textures. Finally there is a hand trowel texture commonly called “skip trowel”.
The two spray on textures, orange peel and knockdown, are applied by using a hopper and a compressor. They can be done very heavy or very light depending on your personal preference by thinning the material or increasing the air pressure when applying. Aerosol cans of wall texture are available in all your local building supply and hardware stores. It is best to use them for spot repairs rather than full wall treatments, Drywall Virginia Beach as you will be spending way more money not buying in bulk.

Detailing Drywall
Everyday, ordinary Drywall Virginia Beach can become a value increasing design element with just a little bit of detailing and inspiration!

For example, you can add a top layer of drywall to the bottom third of an existing wall, then you can cut in 2 foot by 2 foot squares the depth of the drywall layer. Drywall Virginia Beach , chair rail inside each square and to the top of the newly added drywall. This great look you have created is called a wainscot. This is a great look in a dining room or study. The wainscot can be painted with wall paint any color of your choice, or even enameled or fauxed to look like wood, which is much cheaper than real wood paneling.

Drywall Virginia Beach

Drywall doesn’t have to be dry and boring!


Drywall, also known as plasterboard or sheet rock , is made of a gypsum plaster pressed between two thick sheets of paper.It  is very common in the construction of interior walls and ceilings, and you more than likely have some in your home. For More Information On Drywall Click Here


Is built from a soft sulfate mineral , this is a mineral that goes back to Ancient Egypt and has been mined for thousand of tears.

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Or sometimes referred to as render, mixed with a binder once it has set is as hard and dense as concrete. Being that it is still in the masonry family it is used mainly for exterior applications.

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Known for its uses world wide sheetrock is a widely used wall covering that has been around for many many years.

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 Widely know as plaster of Paris has been used for many years across the world. it is used on everything for wall to ceiling covering in residential and commercial buildings.

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There are many different plaster textures you can use . Stucco is another name that is commonly used for textures.

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